MST3K + Chad Vader = I’m In Heaven

I forget exactly who turned me on to Chad Vader, but it’s one of those ideas that’s so well executed that even had I thought of it, I could never have pulled it off as well.

A recent episode shows Chad working with the RiffTrax folks (MST3K alum and personal heroes Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy) on the second of the God awful Star Wars prequels, “Attack of the Clones.”

Is it just me or did Murphy looks a lot like Billy Joel in that video?

Anyway, here’s a short look at the results:

(Hat tip to Satellite News!)

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5 thoughts on “MST3K + Chad Vader = I’m In Heaven”

  1. How could you miss that other piece of news on Satellite News – Mike, Bill and Kevin are getting back together again to do a whole slew of new films in a series called "The Film Crew." Their first one "Hollywood After Dark" is supposed to be out in July.

  2. I have to admit, I've avoided RiffTrax and the film Crew stuff because I didn't want to dilute my fondness, oh hell, mania, for MST3K. But I think I'm gonna take the plunge…

  3. Rifftrax have a couple of strikes against them in my book – not the least of which is that you have to synchronize them to the film yourself and getting the audio balance is hit or miss. (In the clip above, they're actually lowering the film audio whenever someone adds a comment, bringing it back up again afterwards.

    The filmcrew titles promise to be a lot like the original MST3K, with everything prepackaged and edited for your enjoyment. They even bring the skits back – could be fun. 🙂

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