Awful Superhero Halloween Costumes I’d Love To See – Invisible Woman

I remembered this costume well from my youth. See if you can tell why:

invisible woman slutty costume 1

It took me a bit to find some decent pics of what apparently is referred to by fanboys as Invisible Woman’s “Slut Uniform,” but find them I did.

I think the best part of the new costume’s (ahem) reveal is Reed’s totally blase take:

invisible woman slutty costume 2

It’s nice?! It’s NICE?! THE ROOF?!?! Reed, honey, step away from the computer.

Anyway, I dunno how feasible this would be to make, but someone needs to make this happen. PRONTO!

OK, one more shot just for old time’s sake:

invisible woman slutty costume 3

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Halloween Cartoons – Monsters

Recently I’ve been blogging about varieties of Halloween cartoons. First it was pumpkins, then witches, but this time I’m taking more of a potpourri approach and chatting about monsters in general.

Halloween gives a cartoonist plenty to play with, but I’ll start with one of my favorites – vampires.

Sexy young vampires may be very much in fashion, but for my money the good old fashioned widow-peaked, tuxedo wearing blood sucker is still the best. Give me Count Chocula or The Count from Sesame Street over that boring Edward any day!

Anyway, as far as the above comic, I’m not sure exactly how or if blood as a diet would affect one’s blood pressure, if a vampire did indeed even have blood pressure. But, as I’ve said before, cartoons, perhaps especially Halloween cartoons, are often better if not examined too too closely.

Ok, another vampire one, and sort of a wordy one at that for one without a caption per se.

For this one I had to actually go out to my car and take a picture of my side view mirror so I could get it to look right. What I won’t do for my art!

So this is what being a cartoonist’s wife is like. You get to hear this at dinner – “OK, so this wolf man is giving a presentation…” and you have to listen, take it in stride, and offer your point of view. So, before you marry a cartoonist, be sure you’re ready for that.

Few things are funnier to me than Phil Hartman’s “FIRE BAD!” Frankenstein from SNL. Honestly, just thinking about it is making me giggle as I write this.

I knew that I wanted to play with that classic phrase, but it took a great deal of staring off in space to transplant it from a dark castle or angry village to the boardroom.

This is also one of the few Halloween cartoons of mine that I look at and think that I pretty much got it perfect. I’d like to think Phil Hartman would have enjoyed it too.

Well, that’s it for monsters. Feel free to check out all of my Halloween cartoons, and be sure you give out good candy this year. Not raisins. Don’t be that guy.

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Captain Marvel Jr. Ski Jump Paper Toy

Captain Marvel Jr Ski Jump 1

Andertoons superfan @HalBumble was kind enough to send along some really unbelievable old Captain Marvel papercraft toys! I’ve scanned in one so far, the above Captain Marvel Jr. Ski Jump toy, and created this PDF so you can download, print, and make it yourself!


(You can also click either image to download the PDF.)

Captain Marvel Jr Ski Jump 2

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