Captain Marvel Jr. Ski Jump Paper Toy

Captain Marvel Jr Ski Jump 1

Andertoons superfan @HalBumble was kind enough to send along some really unbelievable old Captain Marvel papercraft toys! I’ve scanned in one so far, the above Captain Marvel Jr. Ski Jump toy, and created this PDF so you can download, print, and make it yourself!


(You can also click either image to download the PDF.)

Captain Marvel Jr Ski Jump 2

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Adventure Hero Spider-Man

adventure hero spiderman

While checking my Flickr stats recently I noticed that this old set (2006!) of my weird Spider-man Adventure Hero toy pics had recently gotten insane amounts of views. (Thanks, io9!)

So in case you missed them five years ago, or again just a few days ago, you really owe it to yourself to see Spider-Man dressing up as an archer, a fisherman, and a bug catcher.