Schulz’ “Alter Ego”

59 Lrg

I bet that graphic got your attention!

No, Sparky didn’t moonlight as Batman, in issue 59 of Alter Ego

...there is an interview with Al Plastino, long-time comic book artist, former cartoonist of the Nancy comic strip, and most relevant to this discussion, the guy whom United Feature Syndicate had tapped for taking over Peanuts should something happen to Schulz (back before it was decided that Such Things Would Not Be Done.) Among the illustrations for the article are small but clear reproductions of three Plastino Peanuts dailies, showing us what might have been.

(Thanks to The Aaugh Blog)

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Obsessing on Cartoon Captions

When I caption my cartoons in Photoshop, one of the things I tend to obsess on is how the words work underneath the graphic.

Here’s a recent cartoon, and you can see initially I had the word “very” on a different line than the word “impressive.”


I didn’t like the way that flowed, so I changed the caption so the two were on the same line.


But then the caption looked too large, and I didn’t like the shape of the caption, so I changed it to this:


It might be better with “potty-trained” on the second line, but I always like the topmost line to be the largest, so I left it like this.

To be honest, I have no idea if any of this makes any difference whatsoever in the reading of the cartoon, but I tend to sweat the small stuff, and I’m fine with that.

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More Cartoon Blogs

Lately I’ve been restructuring everyone’s favorite cartoon blog, and I’ve been adding some new blogs to the “Cartoon Blogs” section.

Some recent fun finds:

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  • Chewing Pencils – Matt Glover gives you the cartooning lowdown
  • A Gag a Day – Tim Harries has a great individual style and a weird sense of humor; right up my alley
  • Tom’s Mad Blog – Tom Richmond slings some serious ink

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