The Artist Entrepreneur

First read this:

The Trend of the Artist Entrepreneur

Then this:

Artists: Take Business Classes With That Art Training

And finally, this:

Transforming Art Into a More Lucrative Career Choice

It’s a veritable gold mine of arts/business info and inspiration!


Hat tip to Anita at Small Business Trends!

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Infographics AKA Cartoons

Saw this article and while it’s more specifically about infographics, I thought it had all sorts of great things to say about images in general:

Like videos, images can spread very quickly online with little artificial push. Are they inherently more ‘viral‘ than textual content? It is difficult to say with certainty if it indeed has a higher potential for popularity. But images have undeniable value in spreading ideas. Especially when they are elegantly integrated with the use of text to present information.

Unique, original images can attract an audience. They are not only high quality content for an interested readership but they can be useful promotional tools for anyone interested in gaining more attention.

There’s some really good stuff here, and cartoons are even mentioned. If you’ve got a few minutes it’s more than well worth it!

Read “Infographics Can Help You Spread Ideas and Attract Attention” at Dosh Dosh.

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