Andertoons’ Fifth Anniversary


I like Halloween, but I love October 31st.

It was exactly five years ago, on a Friday like this, that I worked my final day at my last day job. Five years of cartooning more or less full time, and being a stay-at-home dad full time and then some. Five years of diapers, ink, coffee, and immeasurable fun.

I remember agonizing over whether or not to give my boss two weeks notice. It was the kind of place where they very possibly would ask you to gather up your things and leave then and there. My friend in HR assured me that I was well-liked, and she was sure they'd keep me on. She was right and I worked on "special projects" for the next 10 business days.

Just in case, I had dreamed up a scenario where my costume would be me, looking disheveled, dressed in rumpled sweats, with a diaper stuck to my shoulder. When asked "what are you supposed to be?" I would answer "A stay-at-home dad. Can we talk in your office?" I'm glad it didn't go that way, both for my peace of mind, and our pocketbook.

It hasn't always been easy. Keeping a close eye on the kids, the budget, and the calendar occasionally leads to some very early mornings (I'm writing this at 5 AM about a week and half early to fit it in) but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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Halloween Cartoons Sampler Platter

Halloween is almost here, so I thought I'd post some of my favorite Halloween cartoons to scare up a few laughs.


This skeleton cartoon took a while and was a little outside my art comfort zone. It was worth it.


This pumpkin cartoon is probably my biggest Halloween seller.


And finally, this chicken cartoon has never sold, but for some reason I still think it's funny. (BTW, "bawk baaaaawk…" is poultry for 'they're heeeeere…")

Enjoy your Halloween, all!

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