1966 Batman Valentines You Have To See To Believe

When I saw these 1966 Doubl Glo Batman Valentines on eBay, I could not resist. And once I got a good look at them I knew I had to scan them in and share them! (I’ve even included the packaging and the teacher card.)

Check out Batman’s giant head on the Batcopter one. Nora Fries is cured and loves puns? And what is that creature Batman is apparently stabbing in the neck (THUNK!) with a heart?!

Click on the images to get nice big printable valentines you can give to your own boy wonder or feline-themed antihero!

1966 batplane batman valentine
1966 batcomputer batman balentine
1966 batman-robin batman valentine
1966 batcopter batman valentine
1966 penguin batman valentine
1966 robin batman valentine
1966 mr-freeze batman valentine
1966 varooom batman valentine
1966 riddler batman valentine
1966 zelda batman valentine
1966 batman batman valentine
1966 killer-croc batman valentine
1966 teacher batman valentine
1966 batman valentine packaging
1966 batman valentine packaging back

Happy Bat-entines Day!

Wanna see some more great old superhero valentines?

And just for fun…



Christmas Sampler – 2013

Christmas is just a few days away now, so here’s a sampling of some of my favorite Andertoons Christmas cartoons and blogs to help you pass the time while you’re waiting for Santa. Enjoy!

Draw Some Christmas Cartoons

How To Draw A Cartoon Elf – Tutorial

Looking for something to keep the kids busy? Try drawing some elves! This reindeer is fun too.

Christmas LEGO

LEGO Santa Claus Mech

Check out my Santa Mech, my Robot Santa from Futurama, or make your own LEGO Christmas ornaments!

Classic Comic Cards

1951 Popular Comics Cards

Peruse these fantastic holiday cards from 1951 over at Flickr. Heck, you could probably even print ’em out!

Christmas Comics

Chester Cheer Christmas Comic

More in a reading mood? Check out Chester Cheer & Gregory the Green Deer, or Spaceman Discovers Christmas, or The Christmas Spirit.

Christmas Cartoons

Christmas Cartoons

Or, if you’re just looking for a good laugh, enjoy some Andertoons Christmas cartoons.

Whatever you do, have a happy holiday!


Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars Cards

You might have heard that Dark Horse is publishing a limited series of Star Wars comics based on George Lucas’ first draft of Star Wars:

I bought it and it’s fine, but as far as non-movie Star Wars goes, I think my favorites are still the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars cartoons. They’re beautifully drawn, the stories are great and nicely paced, the acting is better than the prequels, and there’s just a whiff of Samurai-Jack-ness about them.

So when I found this collection of Topps cards on Ebay, I had to pick them up and share them. Here’s just a taste (you can see the rest over at Flickr):

Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars Card 1
Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars Card 2
Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars Card 3
Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars Card 4
Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars Card 5
Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars Card 6
Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars Card 7
Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars Card 8
Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars Card 9

Jack Kirby’s Lone Ranger (1971)

You’ve certainly heard about the new Lone Ranger movie coming out in just a few days. But did you know Jack Kirby drew the masked man for a Mattel card game back in 1971?

There’s not a lot of information out there on these, but according to Mark Evanier, Mattel hired Kirby who hired Mike Royer to do the inks. Enjoy:

Jack Kirby Lone Ranger 1
(Click above image to see larger)

The hole is where the card carry case went. Here’s the back:

Jack Kirby Lone Ranger 2
(Click above image to see larger)

Aren’t those fantastic?

Here’s a few of the cards too:

Jack Kirby Lone Ranger 3
Jack Kirby Lone Ranger 4
Jack Kirby Lone Ranger 5
Jack Kirby Lone Ranger 6
Jack Kirby Lone Ranger 7
Jack Kirby Lone Ranger 8

Looking for more, Kemosabe? Check out this Kirby Superman puzzle game.

Man of Steel Sticker Cards (1978)

Man of Steel opens this week, so to help get you in the mood, here’s some super sticker cards from 1978! (I’ve just posted the Superman ones here, you can see all 30 over at Flickr.) Enjoy:

Superman Sticker
Man of Steel Sticker
Clark Kent Sticker
Lois Lane Sticker
Leaving Krypton Sticker
Jimmy Olsen Sticker
Jor-el & Lara Sticker
The Kents Sticker
Lois Lane Sticker
Supergirl Sticker
Superman & Lex Luthor Sticker
Superman Locomotive Sticker
Perry White Sticker
Krypto Sticker
Lew Luthor Sticker

Can’t get enough Man of Steel? Then check these out: