Dog Cartoons – The Sequel!

Dogs are just plain funny.

Their unrestrained joy every time they see you, the way they tilt their heads when they’re confused (which is pretty much always with our pooch), the running and yipping in their sleep… Funny!

Writing and drawing dog cartoons would be almost too easy if it weren’t for the bajillions that have already been done since, oh, I dunno, cavemen drew on walls! Still, I enjoy a challenge, and I think these are pretty doggone good. Enjoy:

There’s just something inherently funny about making dogs salivate by ringing a bell. I know it was important scientifically and all that, but it’s mostly just funny.

This comic appears in my collection of dog cartoons that I sell at art fairs, and I’d say it’s the one I get asked most about when people are leafing through the book. There’s always a risk of confusing a reader when you’re asking them to bring something to a cartoon, but for those who get it, this is a favorite.

I don’t draw sheep well, so I was glad to hide most of them under the table and behind the window. That collie though, that’s a nice looking dog.

I wrote this one while cleaning up my dog after she’d apparently discovered the Great North American Mud Depository in our back yard. I said “good girl” as I washed her, but I didn’t really mean it.

That being said, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for this particular pooch.

It took me a long time to figure out what to leave out of a cartoon. When I started I would’ve drawn an entire park scene with trees and people and whatnot. It takes years of cartooning experience to know when a torso is enough.

I know it seems like resume padding, but to a dog those are very different skills.

Dog Cartoon #6205 by Andertoons

Based on the famous Peter Steiner cartoon, I just updated it a bit technologically.

Well, that’s it, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. And feel free to check out all of my dog cartoons!

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