Top 5 Ways to be a Jerk Cartoonist

1) Make sure you promise an unreasonable deadline you think the client wants, and then deliver late. Over-promise and under-deliver. Nice!

2) Take the tiniest germ of humor you can find and squeeze a cartoon out of it by writing an excessively long caption to explain why this is so funny. Brevity is wit my arse.

3) Ask for other cartoonists’ markets and contacts. Nothing endears you to a professional more than asking to see their books.

4) Argue print vs. web and refuse to consider other points of view. You know you’re right – make sure we all know it too.

5) Beg for criticism, and then explain why it’s wrong. Classy!

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Belarus Visitor


So I’m checking my analytics the other day, and while playing around with the map thingy, I come across the above.

Yep, in the last month, exactly one person in Belarus visited

For some reason that’s cool to me. I’m used to smatterings of visitors from all over, but just one person – that’s neat!

Belarus visitor, who are you? If you stop back, drop me a line!

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Cartoon Barbies I’d Like to See

BlackcanarybarbieWith the recent flap of the Black Canary “S&M” Barbie, I took a look at other cartoon/comic inspired Barbies and found her lacking.

Some suggestions:

  • MJ Barbie
  • Ellie Patterson Barbie
  • Mrs. Lockhorn Barbie
  • Anime Giant Eyed Barbie
  • Blondie Barbie
  • Invisible Woman Barbie
  • “I say it’s spinach, and I say the hell with it” Kelly
  • Cathy Barbie with “Ack!” Button
  • Secretary Chased Around the Desk Barbie
  • Liberty Meadows’ Brandy Barbie
  • Marcie & Peppermint Patty Kelly and Stacie
  • Marge Barbie

Any I’ve missed?

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