Easter Cartoons

It’s almost Easter time! And to help get you in the mood, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Easter cartoons:

Easter cartoons 1

Bar cartoons are some of my favorites, and they’re even better when the patrons are anthropomorphic, so this bunny complaining to his turkey friend makes me very happy indeed.

And when you think about it, the bunny’s right. He’s gotta hide all those eggs overnight, pumpkins get all carved up, the turkey…  well, we all know what happens to the turkey. But the groundhog wakes up for a few minutes, looks around, gets his picture taken, and then it’s right back to sleep. That’s the gig to have.

Easter cartoons 2

So when you think Easter you think eggs. And when you think eggs you think Humpty Dumpty. I’m explaining here because, although this cartoon makes me laugh, it actually makes very little sense.

What exactly would be better for Humpty at Easter? And why are there cops instead of the King’s men? And how come pictures of Humpty never show any yolk spilling out anywhere?

These and other questions are why you should never overthink a cartoon.

Easter cartoons 3

So this isn’t exactly about Easter, but it’s egg-themed, so I’m including it. Plus those egg parents turned out really well. (Love that tiny tie!)

Easter cartoons 4

I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t come to pass already. I suppose coloring the eggs is the fun part, but you just know that on Easter morning, there are going to be parents out there rushing somewhere, screaming kids in tow, that, if they were available, would pay an exorbitant price for efficiently produced pre-colored eggs.

Mark my words, this is coming.

Easter cartoons 5

OK, so another not-technically-Easter cartoon, but, again, egg-themed, so…

This is a take on the old “tastes like chicken” phrase which is supposedly really funny when someone eats something odd, but in reality stopped being funny in November of 1978. (Look it up.)

But when you think about it, if there was one thing that wasn’t chicken, that actually should taste like chicken, it would be eggs. But they don’t.

Easter cartoons 6

I’ve never really understood why exactly the Easter Bunny hides eggs. Christmas gifts? Under the tree. Halloween candy? Neighbor’s house. But Easter eggs you gotta go tramp all over the place looking for.

But now you know why. It’s rigged. Rigged I tells ya!

Well, that’s it for Easter cartoons! Happy egg coloring!