Custom Cartoons

Custom cartoons are a great tool for businesses to get their point across in a fun and engaging way. They grab a reader’s attention, sell easily, and are perfect for sharing.

People Love Cartoons

Whether it’s a newspaper comic, a sophisticated magazine cartoon, an edgy webcomic, or an animated feature film, people love cartoons.

Savvy businesses and marketers love them too and have been using them for years to grab the public’s attention and sell their wares. And while you might not be interested in creating the next Tony the Tiger, or able to pay the licensing fees to enlist an icon like Snoopy, effective and affordable custom cartoons can help promote any company, product or service.


The next time you leaf through your mail, pay attention to the images and photos advertisers use:

  • A business’ storefront? Seen it.
  • Happy attractive woman holding a product? Boring.
  • Company logo? Yawn…

If you’re like me they all go straight into the recycling bin.

Now think back to the last time you sat in a waiting room flipping through magazines. When you came across a cartoon, did you read it? You sure did. You might have even shown it to the person sitting next to you. Or maybe your tore out the page to hang it on your refrigerator or next to your desk at work.

A cartoon is a powerful tool precisely because it’s so difficult to ignore.

Custom Cartoons Example #1 

custom cartoons 1

Funny Sells! 

The Superbowl is arguably the largest TV event of the year, and every year companies and ad agencies pull out all the stops to get your attention. In fact the ads run a close second as to why people tune in.

Think back a few years and try to remember the ads you liked best. How about that car ad where the car is driving in the… place and… who was that for again? Or that flashy new phone! You know the one with the spinning and… the colors… um…

Now think back and remember that ad with Betty White playing football. Who was that for?

That’s right, Snickers.

And the kid in the Darth Vader costume?

Yep, VW.

Funny sells because people don’t mind being advertised to if they get something in return; in this case, a good laugh.

Share it! 

When you tell a joke at work, you might think you’re simply sharing a laugh with a co-worker or a client, when in many ways you’re actually presenting your best self.

People with a good sense of humor are seen as:

  • More confident
  • Independent
  • Reliable

All great traits to associate with your business too. And after you leave, there’s a good chance that person will probably tell that joke to someone else.

That’s the best part about using custom cartoons in marketing; people love to pass them around.

In addition to word of mouth, cartoons are among the most consistently viral content online. People love to email them to friends, post them on their blogs, like them on Facebook, and tweet them on Twitter. All without you lifting a finger.

Custom Cartoons Example #2 

custom cartoons 2


Custom cartoons can grab a reader’s attention, sell your idea both pleasantly and effectively, and reach people well beyond your initial audience. Give one a try!