New Andertoons Features Recap

Whew! There were lots of new Andertoons features to talk about this month.

Just in case you missed any, here's a quick recap:


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Andertoons Partnering With SlideRocket is proud to announce its partnership with revolutionary presentation creation website,!

Some recent praise for SlideRocket includes:

  • TechCrunch – "…produces slideshows that rival (and in many cases, better) PowerPoint…"
  • SitePoint – "…easily the most complete presentation application on the web, and the most likely to really compete with Microsoft’s PowerPoint juggernaut."
  • ZDNet – "It’s slick, smooth, gentle on the eyes, and all Flash based so everything works as soon as you want it to. If anything, it actually seems to work better than PowerPoint offline."

Andertoons cartoons are available now via the picture tool, and in the very near future, the SlideRocket marketplace.

Pricing is the same as, and our new API made integration a breeze! (More on that later…)

Here's a few screenshots to show you how nice it all works:




I'm really excited about this new partnership, and I can't wait to see what great stuff SlideRocket comes up with next!

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Share Cartoons

Another brand spanking new option at, is the Share feature. You might remember seeing the Share option when I introduced the Embed feature a ways back.

Share allows you to use the most popular social networking sites to share Andertoons cartoons with friends, family, and all your Web 2.0 "friends." You can find it underneath cartoons at the site:

Share Cartoons 1 Andertoons New

After clicking Share/Embed, you'll get a new screen. The sharing options are on the upper left:

Share Cartoons 2 Andertoons New

You can share via, Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon and Digg:

Share Cartoons 3 Andertoons New

Choose your option, and you'll be directed to the correct page at the appropriate site.


Share Cartoons Delicious Andertoons New

Here's Facebook:

Share Cartoons Facebook Andertoons New

Here's MySpace:

Share Cartoons Myspace Andertoons New

Here's StumbleUpon:

Share Cartoons Stumbleupon Andertoons New

And finally, Digg:

Share Cartoons Digg Andertoons New

So feel free to share some Andertoons! Enjoy!

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Pay With Paypal

I buy and sell a lot on Ebay, so I really like the ease and security of Paypal.

So it was a natural fit to include a Paypal option in the new check out:

Paypal 1 Andertoons New-1

Here's a close up of the buttons:

Paypal 2 Andertoons New

It works just like a normal Andertoons check out process, except you're momentarily redirected to Paypal. Nice, easy, and convenient.


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