Share Cartoons

Another brand spanking new option at, is the Share feature. You might remember seeing the Share option when I introduced the Embed feature a ways back.

Share allows you to use the most popular social networking sites to share Andertoons cartoons with friends, family, and all your Web 2.0 "friends." You can find it underneath cartoons at the site:

Share Cartoons 1 Andertoons New

After clicking Share/Embed, you'll get a new screen. The sharing options are on the upper left:

Share Cartoons 2 Andertoons New

You can share via, Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon and Digg:

Share Cartoons 3 Andertoons New

Choose your option, and you'll be directed to the correct page at the appropriate site.


Share Cartoons Delicious Andertoons New

Here's Facebook:

Share Cartoons Facebook Andertoons New

Here's MySpace:

Share Cartoons Myspace Andertoons New

Here's StumbleUpon:

Share Cartoons Stumbleupon Andertoons New

And finally, Digg:

Share Cartoons Digg Andertoons New

So feel free to share some Andertoons! Enjoy!

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Embed Cartoons

One of the features I'm proudest of on, is the new Share / Embed option. It allows you to embed an Andertoons cartoon in a blog or website. It's fast, easy, and perfect for those days when you just don't feel like blogging.

You'll find it at the site underneath cartoons:

Embed Cartoons 1 Andertoons New

When you click it , you'll see a new menu that allows a number of ways to share your cartoon. The embed feature is at the bottom of this menu:

Embed Cartoons 2 Andertoons New

You can either select the HTML code yourself (make sure you get it all, or the embed won't work), or simply click the "Select All" button to the right.

Copy the HTML code, paste it into your blog or website code, and your cartoon will appear:

Embed Cartoons 3 Andertoons New

This is a free feature. All I ask in return is that you keep the cartoon embed code as-is.


BTW, want to see an actual embedded cartoon?  Click here.

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