I Hope I’m being Forward(ed)

This from Online Media Daily (thanks to adfreak):

…Sharpe Partners’ viral marketing survey determined that comedy, by far, is the most effective tool to encourage strong viral circulation. Eighty-eight percent of respondents reported forwarding jokes or cartoons. The second most popular category was news, as 56 percent of the group attest to forwarding such material.

Take THAT Bird Flu!

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Finally, New Cartoons!

OK, it’s been a good looooong time since there were new cartoons uploaded to our favorite cartoon site, but it’s been for a good reason.

Loyal readers know that we’ve been basically ripping out the guts of the site the last few months and cramming in some shiny new Six Million Dollar Man innards.

Needless to say, with all of that going on, updating the database not only wasn’t a task I looked forward to, it just didn’t make sense.

But, now that 99% of the glitches have been hunted down (thanks to warrantless wiretapping) and flogged within an inch of their lives, new humor is once again able to stand up and breathe free at Andertoons.com!


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My New Cartooning Digs

One of the perks of the new house (aside from not constantly stepping on other members of my growing family) is my new studio.

We actually surprised our real estate agent by finding a great house with a fourth bedroom in our price range. And, after a few weeks and many swipes of the ol’ bank card, that room has become Andertoons Central! Check it out…

(BTW, you can click on the images to see the 1024×768 pics)

A look at the new drafting table

A closer look

Over to the desk

Lots of Elfa in the closet

Plenty or room for more books to come

It’s soooo nice to actually have some room to work. And I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my drafting table (I spent years doing all of my cartooning at the coffee table in the living room)!

Enjoy the view now, ’cause I’m betting I clutter it up soon…

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“Complete New Yorker” Crippleware Workaround

A while back I wrote a bit about “The Complete New Yorker” and some copyright issues. Well, apparently that’s not all that’s wrong with what should’ve be a landmark volume.

Boing Boing links to some solutions to the DVDs’ confusing “crippleware” that, among other things…

…requires you to waive your privacy rights to allow “the collection of your viewing information during your use of the Software and/or Content. Viewing information may include, without limitation, the time spent viewing specific pages, the order in which pages are viewed, the time of day pages are accessed, IP address and user ID. This viewing information may be linked to personally identifiable information, such as name or address and shared with third parties.”

And that’s not all.

The same terms-of-service grant you the right to make a backup copy for personal use, but the anti-copying technology prevents you from doing this…

The user-agreement says that if you don’t like this, you can return the set, but of course, every retailer has a policy of not accepting returns of opened software, and that includes the New Yorker. Naturally, you can’t read the agreement until you open the software and put the disc in your computer. Nice one.

Yeesh! What the hell is going on over at the ol’ monocle?!

Please note – I do not in any way suggest you disable their protections, but it’s nice to know you can.

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