Follow That Cartoon (Part 6)

Welcome back to Follow That Cartoon! A series of entries in which I track the creation, submissions, and, hopefully, the sale of this cartoon:

5922 1

So last time I reported that this had been passed over by Reader’s Digest. The good news, though, was I sold two other cartoons to them, so it’s kinda hard to complain.

Anyway, this shipped out again this morning to Harvard Business Review. I don’t think it has a chance in hell of being purchased there (it really doesn’t fit their content), but I’ve been wrong before.

In any case, HBR sees most of my stuff right after the Digest, so we’ll see what happens.

BTW, a fond farewell to the current/former cartoon submissions editor at HBR. She was just wonderful to work with, and was kind enough to drop me a lovely farewell note this morning. Here’s my favorite part:

I have one up in my cube right now, of two hunters warily surveying a bear with a heart taped to his chest: “Careful, Don. Maybe he’s a Care Bear and maybe he ain’t.” It’s one of my favorites and makes me smile every time I glance over at it.

That’s what every cartoonist hopes for, I think. It’s what Lynn Johnston called “fridge space” when I met her a few years back. To know that someone liked your cartoon enough to cut it out and tape it up somewhere… That’s the best compliment you can get.

Anyway, I’ll letcha know when it gets rejected…

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Wright On!

So the Mrs. and I were lucky enough to have one more day out together (thanks to her folks) before we take the back-to-school-and-taking-care-of-the-kids-while-juggling-cartooning plunge.

We’re lucky enough to live pretty close to an embarrassing amount of Frank Lloyd Wright homes, including his first home and studio:

Img 1821-1

Img 1830

As well as Unity Temple, one of Wright’s favorite commissions:

Img 1832

Img 1837

Img 1839Img 1846

Unfortunately, the groundbreaking poured concrete is showing some wear:

Img 1843-1

I’m pretty sure Wright didn’t design these:

Img 1844

I also picked up this new addition to my office at a nearby store:

Img 1870

Img 1871

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Cartoon Info Released Into Wild

I’m happy to announce another new feature on everyone’s favorite cartoon website,!

On each cartoon’s individual page, there’s now a good chunk of information pertaining to that cartoon immediately underneath it:


For example, this cartoon is #4024, belongs to the Animal Cartoons, Business Cartoons & Office Cartoons topics, has eleven tags attached (crabs, walking, sideways, lateral, promotions, work, jobs, business, corporate, animals, seafood), has been previously published in Reader’s Digest, and lists the caption.

OK, you’re saying, big deal. A lot of info that doesn’t really help me.

But it does…

Look closely and you’ll see that each topic and keyword is actually a link. Click on, say, “promotions,” and you’ll get this:


Click on “seafood” instead, and you’ll get this:


Neat, huh?

Of course, this information haas always been part of the site – it’s been working diligently behind the scenes for years in the search box. But, it’s been suggested that information wants to be free, and who am I to argue.

This new searchability will allow users to drill down to exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily, no matter how obscure their desired result may be.

Enjoy the new feature, and have some fun just browsing around.

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