Wright On!

So the Mrs. and I were lucky enough to have one more day out together (thanks to her folks) before we take the back-to-school-and-taking-care-of-the-kids-while-juggling-cartooning plunge.

We’re lucky enough to live pretty close to an embarrassing amount of Frank Lloyd Wright homes, including his first home and studio:

Img 1821-1

Img 1830

As well as Unity Temple, one of Wright’s favorite commissions:

Img 1832

Img 1837

Img 1839Img 1846

Unfortunately, the groundbreaking poured concrete is showing some wear:

Img 1843-1

I’m pretty sure Wright didn’t design these:

Img 1844

I also picked up this new addition to my office at a nearby store:

Img 1870

Img 1871

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9 thoughts on “Wright On!”

  1. Oh the hanging lights and sky lights are sooo gorgeous.
    As for Bright 'N' Shiny Bender … your Mrs. is a good sport 🙂

  2. Hey Fontessa!

    Glad you liked the pics! And thanks or the Maynard vid you sent over….

    I gotta say, I was never a huge Maynard fan (I didn't dislike him, just not a big fan), but you have to love what he did for the music and getting kids excited about it.

    My heroes growing up were Carl Fontana (trombone) and Dave Talyor (bass trombone).

    Hmmm…. Fontana. Fontessa. Any relation? 🙂

  3. I don't know a lot about Maynard myself, but I thought you'd be pleased to see the trombone solos.

    "Fontessa" is a nod to my hero, John Lewis, the consummate musician.

  4. not…a…maynard…fan??!??

    But he bridges the gap between trombone and trumpet with his valve trombone. He's the ambassador of brass sections.

    On the other hand, I always thought of him as the brass edition of an electric guitar — he'd bend and whip his notes with the ease of someone racing up a fret board. Some of his solos still make me swoon. Even the very short ones (his cover of James Taylor's Country Road, for example, has a short bit that is purely perfect.)

  5. Let's see… As far as trumpet players go, I'd have to say my fave is Miles. I always wished I could've gotten that harmon mute sound right on my trombone… Oh well…

  6. funny you should mention the harmon mute. I've never been a fan of it — with the exception of Miles. As a rule, I think it makes the trumpet sound small and less interesting. I do like the plunger mute, but that's only because I have a fondness for plumbing appliances.

  7. When I played w/ plunger, I liked to use a pixie mute. I always thought it worked and sounded better on trombone as well, which is rarer in the brass mutes.

    I was kinda a mute collector. I liked having all sorts available.

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