It’s Not Easy Writing Green

KarlspotIf Mark Heath were a cop, not only would he play by his own rules, he’d probably alphabetize them and pick out a really nice font.

Check out Mark’s blog about contemplating breaking his own Spot the Frog rules. It’s the kind of blog I love to read – a much deeper look into what cartoonists think about.

And go read Spot, dagnabbit!

(BTW, the green font isn’t an error. After writing that title I got a little goofy with my blogging software. It’s been a long day and I’m a little tired and punchy. So sue me.)

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My New Productivity Enhancing Device (Read: Toy)

I just picked this little thingy up the other day:


It’s a NuLOOQ from Logitech. It a weighted dial with some buttons and a scroll wheel on top. Used with Photoshop it lets you zoom in and out with a twist, increase/decrease your brush/eraser diameter with the spin of the finger, move around your art with a nudge, and some other stuff I have yet to figure out that look like a lot of fun.

I colored two cartoons this morning in record time my first time out. I wish it were just a smidge heavier, but the glowing blue lights make up for it.

Seriously, this thing is great so far. Used in conjunction with my graphics tablet I save a lot of keyboard shortcutting and toolbar tinkering. Plus I look all space-agey when I use it!

Highly recommended.

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