It’s Not Easy Writing Green

KarlspotIf Mark Heath were a cop, not only would he play by his own rules, he’d probably alphabetize them and pick out a really nice font.

Check out Mark’s blog about contemplating breaking his own Spot the Frog rules. It’s the kind of blog I love to read – a much deeper look into what cartoonists think about.

And go read Spot, dagnabbit!

(BTW, the green font isn’t an error. After writing that title I got a little goofy with my blogging software. It’s been a long day and I’m a little tired and punchy. So sue me.)

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1 thought on “It’s Not Easy Writing Green”

  1. If Mark Heath were a cop, I'd have to assume that we were all living in some post-apocalyptic society, where only cartoonists survived (thanks to living — I mean working — in our cluttered — I mean bomb-hardened — studios.)

    Thanks, as always, for the plug.

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