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It’s been a little while since I’ve been featured in Reader’s Digest, so I’m really happy to share that I’m in the May issue. Here’s the cartoon:


It’s a gag I like, and I’m happy with the line art, but what I really love is the color on this, and I can say that without sounding like a jerk because I didn’t do it.

For about two years now I’ve been working with a terrific artist named Rick Hughes and he handles all my shading and coloring. I’m a competent colorist, but Rick’s work is of a much higher caliber (I mean look at that above!) and I’m super lucky to have found him.

So, if you’re looking for someone to help you shade, color, or otherwise help out with any art duties, drop Rick a line, OK? He’s a good guy, he’s never missed a deadline, and his work speaks for itself.



Coloring Page – Business Cartoon

Adult coloring books seem to be all the rage as of late and I have to say, I’m not surprised; the act of coloring is incredibly calming. The problem is that pictures of enchanted forests and/or paisley cats aren’t really appropriate for the workplace (where you need the most calming). So I’ve taken one of my more popular business cartoons and put it up here for you to download:

Click the cartoon for your PDF and get coloring!

Color it while you’re on hold. Color it while you’re waiting for that email reply. Or color it during that never-ending meeting. Enjoy the Zen, then hang it up by your desk or in the break room and wait for your co-workers’ kudos to roll in!

Don’t have any crayons around the office? That’s OK. Colored ballpoints and fluorescent highlighters will do just fine.

And if it turns out really great, drop me a line with a picture and I’ll post it here at the blog!




1963 Four In One Cartoon Fun – Comics to Color

Found this a good while back while perusing cartoon cards on Ebay. It’s a 1963 coloring book featuring Newspaper Enterprise Association comics from Saalfield Publishing.

I have to admit, I’ve never heard of Morty Meekle, Tizzy, Priscilla’s Pop (or Priscilla for that matter), or Freckles or any of his friends:

Four in One Cartoon Fun - Comics to Color

Here’s a scan of one of the Tizzy cartoons:

That’s actually a really nice gag, but for a children’s coloring book?
Anyway, check out the entire book here. And maybe print one out to color?
If you do color one, send it over and I’ll post it! Enjoy!

Stay In The Lines. The Horrible HORRIBLE Lines.

Blog Fair01Cartoony pal Mike Lynch shows off a horrible horrible HORRIBLE coloring book he picked up this weekend over at his blog.

My favorite quote:

This book will inform your child about agricultural fairs and it will then break your child’s heart, if your child is (God help him/her) a budding cartoonist.

Easily the funniest sentence you will read today.

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