New Zip and Li’l Bit – The Captain’s Quest

Hoo hoo! Inky pal, Trade Loeffler, has begun a brand new Zip and Li’l Bit adventure entitled The Captain’s Quest!

Seriously, for your own cartoony good, do not miss this. I mean just look at this panel from Zip and Li’l Bit’s previous story, The Upside-Down Me :


Or how about this from The Sky Kayak :


So please, promise me you’ll click here and go get reading The Captain’s Quest ! GO!

Trade Color Alpha! (Sounds like an action movie doesn’t it?)


Well, if you’re into comics and coloring in Photoshop, this is about as close to action as you’re gonna get.

Trade Loeffler, of Zip and Li’l Bit fame, gives some PS coloring via channels advice that I’m still digesting over my morning coffee.

Channels is one of those PS features I don’t know much about, but Trade explains it really well, and you can bet I’ll be trying it out next coloring job.

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