Andertoons 2.0

Yes, the new is live and working!


After about six months of planning and design, and several weeks of expert coding from my web team, we seem to sailing mostly smoothly.

I know of a few little problems I’m working on ironing out, but, for the most part, you probably won’t notice them.

Tomorrow I’m beginning a month long look at new features that I think you’ll really find interesting. There’s so much new stuff under the hood you just won’t believe it.

Anyway, go check out the new site, rate some cartoons, add some to your faves, etc… Enjoy!

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A quick congrats here to my brother-in-law for landing a great economics teaching gig at the University of Kentucky!

Turns out that when you’re interested in microeconomic theory, industrial organization, and applied microeconomics, work your ass off, get a PhD, and generally impress the hell out of everyone in your field, people really want to hire you!

Seriously, the guy is smarter than three of me put together, and that’s even if you dress all of me in lab coats.

Again, a HUGE congratulations! No one deserves it more!

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Brain… Hurting… Must… Sleep…

Hooboy, the past week or so I’ve been buried in IM, PostgreSQL, XML, CSS, CSVs, and various other techie acronyms.

The new site is over the hump construction-wise, and there’s a lot to consider, reconsider and refine. My programmer and I are IMing back and forth a lot, and while it’s invaluable to be looking over each others’ shoulders from a few states away, it does eat a lot of time.

I’m also pretty sure I’m driving my wife insane. I’m obsessive anyway, and you get me in the middle of a web build, and…. KAPLOOEY! I’m a handful.

Anyway, it’s really gonna be exciting to launch the beta in a few days – you won’t believe what we’ve cooked up!

More… later…

Coffee… running… out…

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600X500 6X11

I ordered myself a nice new Intuos3 today.

My Intuos2 has served me well for a long looooong time, and I’d had great hopes for my NuLooq controller, but, sadly, twas not to be.

I’m a big guy with big hands and the NuLooq just wouldn’t stay put. Every time I twisted to zoom, or moved to pan, the damn thing slid around on my desk. So a one-hand time saver quickly became a two-handed time burglar.

I’ve got a fair amount of coloring to do for some greeting cards, and, frankly, coloring’s not my favorite thing in the world (there’s something about revisiting an older cartoon that just leaves me flat somehow) and, well, I just snapped. And after watching the movies over at DaniDraws (albeit quite sped up) I bit the budgetary bullet.

Kyle Miller commented at our last CCC meeting that he was using the Intuos3 in Illustrator to do his Working Daze and Game Creature stuff, so the seed was planted I guess.

Looks like the Intuos3 has all sorts of fun buttons and sliders to help me optimize my Photoshop time. I’m really looking forward to trying it out!

It does make me wonder, though, if I’ll ever make the jump to all digital. I haven’t really played with any custom brushes in Photoshop (anyone know any good ones?), and I’m kinda in love with my brush pens and markers, but I think someday I’m gonna have to do it. If for no other reason than my pens’ manufacturer stops making them or something.

I’m gonna be a pen and paper guy for a good while, but I think the new tablet is inching me ever closer to the all digital line in the sand.

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