It’s Hard To Ignore An Offer Not To Pay

Toupee Cover

This from No Brow Cartoons‘ Mark Heath:

Following the example of the great Elizabeth Hand — Generation Loss, Mortal Love and a snazzy take on A Christmas Carol — who announced at Inferior 4+1 that she would send a copy of any book she had on Hand (that’s right, pun intended) to any reader, gratis, postage paid, compliments of the season, I’ve decided to do the same.

So, until my supply runs out, anyone who would like a free copy of It’s Hard to Comb a Grass Toupee, postage paid, with my thanks, let me know. Without readers, a cartoonist is only one hand clapping. Or drawing. Either way it’s a lonely noise.

Were I you, I’d get on this and enjoy some free Spot the Frog!

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Spot the Frog, One Last Time

Spot SundayLoyal readers know I’ve been a big fan of Spot the Frog by Mark Heath since it started.

It’s rare combination of philosophically sweet belly laughs and outstanding art made it one of the few strips worth reading.

Mark recently decided to end Spot, and the last Spot daily, like the entire Spot run, is just about perfect.

Go read it. (I’d post a snippet, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.)

So long Spot, and good luck, Mark.

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Spot the Frog Ending


Some terrible news from my good friend Mark Heath – Spot the Frog, a rare laugh in the comics pages anymore, will be ending July 5.

To quote Mark:

This will be six month’s shy of the five year contract. The reason is the usual one: too few client papers, the need to earn money to replace my missing socks. I spoke with United Media and they were sympathetic to my odd sock fetish.

You’ll have to read more to get the sock reference.

It just kills me when good work like this isn’t given its due. Spot is funny, clever, sweet & kind. The papers and syndicate never knew what a gem of a strip they had.

Mark is considering a third book if there’s enough interest. I know I’m interested, and you should be too.

Sign up here. And harangue your papers for not picking it up when they had the chance.

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Spot the Innovation

Image MaxiCartoon compatriot Mark Heath is trying something really interesting over at Fundable. (I was gonna say he’s putting the “fun” in “fundable,” but that would be lame.)

Here’s the deal:

I draw Spot the Frog, a syndicated comic strip. You can find samples at my site and The first Spot the Frog collection will soon go out of print and I’d like to give it a second life by offering it as a daily email. The book strips are black and white, but I’ll be coloring them to celebrate their tour through your IN box. I’ll also be writing a new introduction, and adding some strips that didn’t fit in the book. And when something strikes me, I’ll add a few thoughts to certain strips; their inspiration, secret meaning, or why I liked them.

Before I begin this project, I’d like to know how many readers are interested in subscribing.

Remember: fundable will take your pledge, but they won’t charge your credit card until the goal is reached. If we fall short, you’ll owe nothing, and I’ll have more free time to entertain Willy, the office poodle.

I don’t think a cartoon collection has ever been offered this way, so I’m feeling very Lewis and Clark about this, minus the bickering.

Neat huh? So you pledge some money, and if it all works out, Mark gets to work, and you get your daily newly fully-colored Spot email with occasional bonus content!

I’ve put my Paypal where my click is (money and mouths are soooo 20th century), you should too!

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