“It’s Hard to Comb a Grass Toupee: A Spot the Frog Collection” – Review

Spot-1Disclaimer – Mark Heath is a good friend and I’m going to give this book a great review because it’s great. So there.

It’s Hard to Comb a Grass Toupee is my son’s favorite book right now. He asks to go get it from my office every day and have it read to him over and over. When you consider the boy has memorized the complete Seuss canon, and is well into Pooh, this is no small compliment.

His favorite so far is the strip where Kiri eats the kleenex from the snow. He literally giggles himself off the couch.

OK, so a soon-to-be four-year-old loves it, but I love it too, And so does the Mrs.. In fact it’s pretty much the hot book throughout the house right now. And if my one-year-old daughter could chew on it, I think she would.

Listen, Mark’s latest is filled with the laugh out loud, goofy, and gently sweet cartoons that you just don’t see often enough. And the art is just beautiful. Also, did I mention every cartoon is in full color?!

Go buy this right now and keep it hidden from the family until you’re done with it. You’ll thank me!

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SpotTube? YouSpot? SpotSpot? (Dang My Feeble Brain!)

OK, I was gonna be done until Monday, but when something like this comes along, you have to blog about it right away!

Cartoon compatriot Mark Heath has posted the very first Spot the Frog Radio Play! Check it out below:

You also need to go buy the new Spot book, “It’s Hard to Comb a Grass Toupee.”


Go. Now. Buy.

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Spot the Humidifier

Both the kids are sick with the sniffles, but I can’t give our 5-month old any medicine, so the pediatrician recommended a humidifier for her room.

I found this one over at Target and thought it would be fun:


But all week I’ve been thinking about it like this:


(Note to Mark Heath – If you and the syndicate run with this, I want at least a dinner out.)

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