It’s Not Easy Writing Green

KarlspotIf Mark Heath were a cop, not only would he play by his own rules, he’d probably alphabetize them and pick out a really nice font.

Check out Mark’s blog about contemplating breaking his own Spot the Frog rules. It’s the kind of blog I love to read – a much deeper look into what cartoonists think about.

And go read Spot, dagnabbit!

(BTW, the green font isn’t an error. After writing that title I got a little goofy with my blogging software. It’s been a long day and I’m a little tired and punchy. So sue me.)

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Spot the Frog – Review


I’d grouped my copy of Mark Heath‘s Spot the Frog with an older, harder-to-find book at Amazon and found myself in cartoon limbo. After many weeks of waiting, Amazon emailed to tell me they’d been unsuccessful at getting that second book from any of their sources, and that Spot was on its way.

Now that my wife and I have devoured it, I wish I’d ordered Spot by itself with next day shipping.

Listen, I’m not a great writer past a gag line or two, and folks on/in Mark’s book sing his well deserved praises better than I ever could (the comparison to Milne was especially accurate), but I’ll give it a shot.

Spot not only made me laugh, but root for him. The strips are gently funny, but far from simple or maudlin. So many comics (including all of my failed syndication attempts) brashly aim for the jugular every time, but Spot sneaks up and tickles you in a surprising way that you can’t help but fall in love with every line, written or drawn.

I think I’ve compared it to Watterson in the past, and it certainly well deserved, but Mark has birthed a wondrously silly and fresh voice all his own, and it’s something to behold.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy, and don’t skimp on the shipping.

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Save Spot the Frog!

OK, Wisconsinites, this blog’s for you.

Regular readers of our little cartoon blog will recognize Spot the Frog creator, and all around great guy, Mark Heath as a regular commenter.  (BTW, check out Mark’s Frog Blog too!)

I’m a big fan of Spot.  It’s a rare gem of a strip that combines laugh out loud funny with a sort of philosophical sweetness not seen since Calvin and Hobbes.  But there’s a problem…

Readers of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel can no longer spot Spot.  The editors there have dropped the strip.  This is where you cheeseheads come in…

Please please please drop the Sentinal’s editors a line and ask for Spot’s return!  Don’t settle for lesser comics.  To paraphrase early Beastie Boys, you’ve got to fight for your right to laugh hearty!

Editors hate getting mail about comics.  It’s not their favorite section of the paper and they’d prefer it just hum along quietly.  So, when readers speak up, they’re usually quick to make changes so they can get back to runaway brides and such.

Save SpotWrite now!