Spider-Man’s Christmas Coloring Book

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

I love Christmas, and I love Spider-Man. So when I saw this Spider-Man’s Christmas coloring book on eBay, I knew I had to get it and share it.

Written by Suzanne Weyn, drawn by Jim Mooney & John Tartaglione, and printed in 1984, this wonderfully weird Christmas coloring book lets you color scenes like Peter Parker walking…

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

Peter Parker at work…

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

and Peter Parker shopping.

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

But then things start to get interesting as Peter gets his foot stepped on…

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

gets knocked down by an old lady…

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

and gets the holiday blues.

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

OK, we’re already 10 pages in, not much has happened, and we’ve ignored the fact that Peter’s Spidey-Sense would have totally negated the toe stomp and the cab grab, but don’t worry – Aunt May to the rescue!

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

And things start to heat up. Or do they?

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

Turns out that landlord is also conveniently Spider-Man’s arch enemy!

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

Now, 14 pages into this 32-page coloring book we finally get some Spider-Man.

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

I don’t want to ruin the rest of the story for you, but it includes Aunt May apparently sprinting and beating Spider-Man to the Green Goblin’s apartment…

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

an army of Goblin elf robots…

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

and Spider-Man giving the Goblin the ol’ Gwen Stacy treatment.

Christmas with Spider-Man Coloring Book

Wanna see how it ends? Feel free to download a free PDF of the entire Spider-Man’s Christmas coloring book and get coloring!

Christmas Sampler – 2013

Christmas is just a few days away now, so here’s a sampling of some of my favorite Andertoons Christmas cartoons and blogs to help you pass the time while you’re waiting for Santa. Enjoy!

Draw Some Christmas Cartoons

How To Draw A Cartoon Elf – Tutorial

Looking for something to keep the kids busy? Try drawing some elves! This reindeer is fun too.

Christmas LEGO

LEGO Santa Claus Mech

Check out my Santa Mech, my Robot Santa from Futurama, or make your own LEGO Christmas ornaments!

Classic Comic Cards

1951 Popular Comics Cards

Peruse these fantastic holiday cards from 1951 over at Flickr. Heck, you could probably even print ’em out!

Christmas Comics

Chester Cheer Christmas Comic

More in a reading mood? Check out Chester Cheer & Gregory the Green Deer, or Spaceman Discovers Christmas, or The Christmas Spirit.

Christmas Cartoons

Christmas Cartoons

Or, if you’re just looking for a good laugh, enjoy some Andertoons Christmas cartoons.

Whatever you do, have a happy holiday!


How To Draw A Cartoon Reindeer – Tutorial

The holidays are fast approaching, and this year I thought I’d show you how to draw your very own cartoon reindeer!

When you’re finished, feel free to tweet, pin, email or otherwise share a pic of your reindeer with me and I’ll post it over at Pinterest! And if you’d like to grab the tutorial to post on your own blog or website, you’re more than welcome to. (A link back would be appreciated.) Enjoy:

How to draw a cartoon reindeer

Easy, right? You should try out my other how-to-draw tutorials too! Here’s just a few:

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Christmas Cartoons – 2013

Christmas is coming up quick, so I thought I’d share this year’s batch of Christmas cartoons. Grab some cocoa and enjoy:

Christmas Cartoon 1

I don’t know a lot about Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, so I’m a little uncomfortable writing cartoons for them. For that matter I also avoid the religious aspects of Christmas, preferring to stick mostly to Santa, etc… But every year I do try to offer at least one winter-themed cartoon to round things out a bit more, and I’m really happy with this one.

I worried that it might be a bit subtle, so I gave the Dad snowman four buttons instead of three to drive the point home. Seriously, this is something I think about.

Christmas Cartoon 2

This is one of those Christmas cartoons that needed a little help. The joke was always there, but when I was shading I noticed that I’d drawn the leg the boy is sitting one much smaller than the other. Honestly, Santa looked like a pirate or maybe something out of an old Twilight Zone episode. (The boy gets his wish but is then horribly and ironically disfigured!) Anyway, it was Photoshop to the rescue and Christmas was saved!

Christmas Cartoon 3

This one took the most most effort of this year’s batch of Christmas cartoons. Firstly, it’s a really long caption that I had a lot of trouble nailing down. So the number of words written, then rewritten, then revised, then thrown out completely and restarted was absurd. Secondly, drawing all those little Christmas tree branches and needles and lights… Ugh! And it didn’t come out right until about the third ink. Then it was on to shading which meant testing all kinds of brushes and patterns and opacities to get the tree just right. Finally I showed it all to my wife and she didn’t get it. Did! Not! Get! It! But after a few more rewrites I think it ended up pretty good. Mostly I’m just glad it’s done. (Bah! Humbug!)

Christmas Cartoon 4

When I get stuck for a caption I like to take the subject I’m working on and put it in a banal business setting to see what happens. So you put some overworked elves, that burning empty carafe smell, substitute cocoa for coffee and you’ve got yourself a cartoon!

Christmas Cartoon 5

There are a lot of more straightforward ways to write this caption:

  • “But is he on the naughty list?!”
  • “Are you aware the defendant is on your naughty list?”
  • “Nice or naughty?! Answer the question!”

And normally I advocate for trimming captions as much as possible, but for whatever reason this cartoon felt like it needed a longer caption.

Christmas Cartoon 6

OK, the aforementioned tree cartoon probably took the longest of this year’s Christmas cartoons to draw, but this cartoon took the most time to conceive visually. It’s a very specific caption as far as the ornament goes, so you can’t really fudge the art. I spent quite a bit of time in Google images researching DIY yarn decorations, mouse shaped ornaments,  and how yarn looks close up. All in all I think it turned out well and I think it rings true.

So that’s it for this year’s batch. Looking for more? Head on over to the main site and check out the rest of my Christmas cartoons!

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Happy Holidays!