12 Computer Cartoons


Computers are an inescapable part of modern life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun at their expense. Sit back and enjoy these 12 computer cartoons; you can catch up on your email later.

Video Transcript:

Hey there! Mark from Andertoons.com here with you. And I brought along 12 computer and technology cartoons that I think you’ll enjoy. So let’s get into them.

Computer Cartoons #7484

“Come on you guys. If you’re going to snicker every time I say ‘dump file’ we’re going to be here all day.” This is a rejected cartoon that I did for a client. They didn’t… they went with another caption. But I kept this one around and I’m glad I did. Because this is one of the more popular cartoons on the site right now. I’m not above a little scatological humour now and then. And that I don’t totally understand what a ‘dump file’ is but a lot of people do. Because this is, as I said, very popular.

Computer Cartoons #7496

I appreciate your commitment to safety, but this might be overkill for a data architect.” This one, the cartoon itself, it took, I don’t know, five, ten minutes to draw. It’s a pretty standard cartoon. But the hat on the top of his head, that construction helmet, man, those things are really tricky to get it right. That took me another like ten, 15 minutes just to get that to read as a construction helmet. So I’m glad that one’s over.

Computer Cartoons #6875

The internet of stuff. Coaster; monitors humidity, texts reminder to use it. Dust Bunny; schedules own clean-up with Roomba. Sock; uses GPS to hide from matching sock.” Cartoons like this I always worry about being dated. But the internet of things hasn’t really become a thing yet. It’s one of those things that keeps saying, “Oh, it’s going to be the big thing this year. Everything’s going to be connected to the internet.” But still hasn’t happened. That being said, the coaster, the texts, a reminder to use it would be totally valuable. And I endorse that.

Computer Cartoons #7419

Did you get it wet?” That’s always the question that I would get when I go to the Genius Bar and I have a problem with my phone. And I’m always a little worried that they know something that I don’t. I don’t think I’ve gotten it wet. I didn’t take it into the bathroom, I haven’t dropped it into the sink. I haven’t put it in a, you know, puddle of snow. But maybe, I don’t know. Unless it got wet without me knowing it, and that was sort of the genesis of this one. That poor snowman. I wonder if he’s thinking the same thing.

Computer Cartoons #7089

It’s not serious yet, but your data is enlarged.” Big data is another of those things. I can’t really wrap my head around that much data, like the kinds of massive amounts of data they talk about. But big data sort of went to enlarged data and that said check up to me, so…

Computer Cartoons #6970

I’m hoping this is just a computer glitch, because if it’s not, I have no idea what to tell you.” You know what, maybe this is a nice change of pace for this weatherman. Maybe the weather… if the weather is that, that’s news my friends. And he’s going to talking about that for a while. That’s a day to remember.

Computer Cartoons #7131

At the beginning of the meeting you were all like, ‘What’s with the toaster?! Where’s your laptop?!’ But now…” I got to say, if a guy came in to a meeting with a toaster, especially, if he brought bagels and cream cheese, that is a meeting that I would totally be for. And I would be invested in it and I would show up every week, I’m just saying.

Computer Cartoons #7001

For the last time, it’s a highchair, not a charging dock.” Technically, semantically, that’s true. Although, it is a thing that you put another thing in to and then you give it energy and then it comes out and it’s fully charged. So, I’m siding with the guy on this. I think you could also refer to it as a charging dock.

Computer Cartoons #7223

I keep trying to work on that report, but I can’t help curling up and napping on this damn thing.” I used to have, I used to say, that I had to research this cartoon. Which I did because my cats, my two cats did not like to curls up on the laptop. This is true. And I did have to research that. That being said, those two cats have now passed away. And now I have a kitten who loves nothing more than to sit on the laptop, the iPad… I think if she thought she could fit on top of my phone, while I was holding it, she would totally do that. So now, I totally get this. And I can’t say that anymore.

Computer Cartoons #7313

According to your LinkedIn profile you’re a focused, disciplined achiever. According to your Facebook photos you prefer Jack Daniels and are pretty comfortable with your body.” This one’s got a really good response. Especially from educators, and I’ve sold it a couple of times for textbooks. A lot of people seem to want to use this cartoon to show kids that your internet stuff follows you around. I did not plan on that. I’m glad people find it useful that way. And I just think “pretty comfortable with your body” is funny, so…

Computer Cartoons #6934

What about Instagram?” Wah-wah… Right. I thought like, “Okay, this is a cheap cartoon, someone’s done this.” I saw it. I didn’t remember it. And I don’t remember that I don’t remember it. But I’d looked it up. No one had done this cartoon yet when I had done it. So a little pat on the back.   Nice job there, Marky.

Computer Cartoons #7427

No, Spidey-sense is different. I think what you’ve got is a hotspot.” You know, in Spider-Man cartoons where he has a little squiggly lines that come out of his head that show that something is wrong. I was just playing with that idea. And then you have that sort of like Wi-Fi hotspot symbol on top of his head instead. You know what, that would come in really useful though. I should look into a way to make that happen.

Well that’s it for these 12 computer and technology cartoons. I hope you liked them. There’s a bunch more at Andertoons.com. Feel free to visit and that’s it for now. Have a good one!

Doctor Cartoons

I have to admit, I don’t like doctors, but I do like coming up with doctor cartoons. It’s something everyone can relate to, there’s a ton of material to work with, and there’s often the opportunity to get a little weird. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Upselling Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 1The fact that we as a species coined the term “unnecessary surgery” helps my pessimism persist.

Storybook Doctor

Dcotor Cartoons 2

I mean think about it – have you ever heard, outside of childhood, of a bear eating porridge?

Aqua Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 3

Also the patient’s arm are unnaturally thin. Look at them! What was I thinking?!

Puppet Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 4

I think I spent a good half hour on getting that x-ray to look right to me. Worth it?

Judgmental Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 6

Every time I call in to the doctor to make an appointment I get a message like this. Even more disturbing is I get the same message when I call my dentist.

Don’t Send in the Clowns Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 5

It took a while to decide between “burping” and “belching,” but good taste (kind of) prevailed.

Sharing is Caring Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 7One day I came up with like five pretty good organ rejection jokes. The thing is you can do them all at once or family is going to wonder what’s going on. Cartoonists have odd problems.

Time-Insensitive Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 8

The patient seems oddly OK with this. Good for him I guess.

Inventory Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 9

I can’t help thinking about that old Ernie stealing Bert’s nose sketch from Sesame Street when I look at this.

It’s Fine, Just Fine, Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 10

For me what makes this cartoon funny is the guy’s arms being under covers at his sides. I don’t know why, but that’s super funny to me.

Little Red Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 11

I draw a lot of doctor cartoons so I’m always looking for a way to draw the exam room a little different. This one’s a keeper I think.

YouTube Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 12

There were a lot of those David After Dentist type videos there for a while so I had to comment.

Better Safe Than Sorry Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 13

See? Another organ transplant one.

It’s About Time Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 14Happens to me all the time.

High-Fructose Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 15

I did not enjoy drawing that pinata. At all.

A Few More Doctor Cartoons

Doctor Cartoons 16

Kind of. For what it’s worth.

Doctor Cartoons 17

Looking at this now it’s the same doctor and same patient as the first cartoon. I hope this guy’s got good insurance.

Doctor Cartoons 18Drew this one after twisting an ankle. Does that explain the misplaced quote marks at the front of the second sentence? Maybe. (Not to self – fix that.)

So that’s it for this collection of doctor cartoons. Want some more? Check ’em all out here. And feel free to buy one for your blog or social media, or subscribe and get ’em all!




Valentine Cartoons

February 14th is fast approaching, so I thought I’d share this year’s crop of valentine cartoons! (Plus a few extras.) Enjoy!

 Valentine Tech Support

Vlaentine Cartoons #7455

‘Tis better to have paired and lost than never to have paired at all.

Valentine Quotas

Valentine Cartoons #7456

But his platonic friendship numbers are through the roof!

Valentine Meetings

Valentine Cartoons #7457

I have to say, I don’t love drawing cherubs. So drawing four of them in a meeting was not something I was looking forward to. Thankfully I really liked this joke.

Valentines, Inc.

Valentine Cartoons #7458

Awww…  I mean, oh… I mean, ewwww…

Valentine Dietary Concerns

Valentine Cartoons #7459

If I ever obtain an allergy to chocolate, you have my permission to pull the plug. But grab and pull it by the plug, not the cord, OK? That’s not safe.

Valentines (order Araneae)

Valentine Cartoons #7460

I spent a lot of time look at closeups of spider faces for this cartoon. Take that, people who say I don’t suffer for my art!

OK, so that’s this year’s batch of valentine cartoons. Still not feeling the love? Well, here’s some…

More Valentine Cartoons

valentine Cartoons #7163

I’ve had to read this aloud at a few presentations. It’s tricky and it takes a little pre-talk practice. So if you hear me doing it, I’m not crazy, I’m preparing.

Valentine Cartoons #6834

This is probably one of the downright meanest valentine cartoons I’ve ever done. But it makes me snort when I laugh.

Valentine Cartoons #6520

I’m more of a Marvel guy than DC. And that shirt was totally fun to draw.

Valentine Cartoons #6340


I don’t normally do cartoons with more than one gag in them because I’m basically lazy. But every so often I dig into something like this one and it’s totally satisfying. (I’m particularly proud of Fudgy Epiphany!’)

Valentine Cartoons #6835


That’s right. I took on Sweetest Day. Aw… yeah…

Still not enough? Well lucky for you I’ve got a bunch more Valentine’s Day Cartoons. You’re gonna love ’em! (Get it?! Get it?! Sigh…  I’m sorry.)



15 Valentine’s Day Cartoons That You Will Totally Love

Want to know which Valentine’s Day cartoons get the most love? Here are the cartoons people have downloaded most!

(Click on the cartoons to buy them individually, or sign up for a subscription and download the whole bunch!)

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6524

Drawing all those little Facebook Like hands took a while, but it was totally worth it as this is by far the most downloaded valentine cartoon.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6081

I had to draw that little candy heart relatively large to get it to read well visually. At that size you’d probably only get two or three in that box. What a gyp.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6338

Every man’s Valentine’s Day dilemma.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6407

My wife is a teacher and hates decorating bulletin boards, so I came up with this idea about this teacher who just keeps adding holidays to the mix.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6332

Drawing cupids is no fun. So I have to feel really good about a cartoon if I’m going to have to draw two.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6528

You know there’s an interesting backstory there…

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6530

Drawing people in mirrors always bugs me. Add two cupids to the mix and I must have really liked this valentine gag.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6340

I had endless fun coming up with all the names for these valentine chocolates, but I think “White” was my favorite.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6341

I wonder if that’s Debbie there in the meeting. Awk-ward…

So those are the most downloaded, but I also wanted to introduce you to this year’s new batch of Valentine cartoons. Enjoy:

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6831

Believe it or not coming up with “Sports Supermarket” took a while.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6832

Objection! This so-called “expert” is a mythical winged baby!

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6833

See, that’s how they getcha!

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6834

Why is Cupid rubbing it in!? What a jerk!

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6835

Sweetest Day is just the worst. Everyone knows it.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6836

This totally makes sense. Word is they’re also looking into securing a number of egg and dye contracts.

Well, that’s that. Not satisfied? Check out all of my Valentine’s Day cartoons here! And I’d love it (Get it? Love it?) if you’d consider a subscription.

Still not satisfied?! Sheesh! Fine, here’s some other Valentine’s Day stuff you might enjoy:

But that’s it. Seriously, that’s all I got.

20 Most Downloaded Business Cartoons

Our Cartoon Subscription service really took off last year, and people are using cartoons like crazy. Social media, blogs, email newsletters – if you need content, cartoons are terrific!

One of the most popular categories is business. Although our search feature is quite robust, with thousands of cartoons available it can feel like being a kid in a candy store.  So I thought I’d share 20 of the most downloaded Andertoons business cartoons! Enjoy:

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #4002

An oldie but a goodie. This one always kills.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #4827

Believe it or not, it took forever to get that guy’s tongue right.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #5327

Inspired by pretty much every meeting I ever attended.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #5702

Still, I bet it’s effective.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #5815

That would explain why sales projections are way off.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #5923

Another huge seller.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6124

I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of this too.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6129

My wife is a teacher and we read a lot of picture books.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6163

We all knew that was going to happen.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6218

Pretty much everyone downloads this cartoon.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6228

Unless you’re working at Minimalism, Inc.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6234

Someone called her expression “apostrophe eyes” once. Totally nailed it.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6282

I had a manager once tell me he had an open door policy. Then he hid in his locked office for the next 3 years.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6326

You should need  a license to use Reply All.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6493

I’m impressed he’s awake for the interview.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6497

I had to look on Google images for pictures of pastries to get this business cartoon right. Then I went out for donuts.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6515

Business jargon is irresistible to cartoonists.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6550

Let’s get started, shall we?

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6559

Sell more?

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6591

That’s all anyone really wants.

Fun, right? There are more where those came from! An Andertoons Cartoon Subscription gives you access to hundreds of business cartoons and thousands more on all kinds of subjects. New cartoons are added weekly, and you can cancel any time. And with plans starting at only $20 per month, even your budget will smile!

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