Doctor Cartoons

I have to admit, I don’t like doctors, but I do like coming up with doctor cartoons. It’s something everyone can relate to, there’s a ton of material to work with, and there’s often the opportunity to get a little weird. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Upselling Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 1The fact that we as a species coined the term “unnecessary surgery” helps my pessimism persist.

Storybook Doctor

Dcotor Cartoons 2

I mean think about it – have you ever heard, outside of childhood, of a bear eating porridge?

Aqua Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 3

Also the patient’s arm are unnaturally thin. Look at them! What was I thinking?!

Puppet Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 4

I think I spent a good half hour on getting that x-ray to look right to me. Worth it?

Judgmental Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 6

Every time I call in to the doctor to make an appointment I get a message like this. Even more disturbing is I get the same message when I call my dentist.

Don’t Send in the Clowns Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 5

It took a while to decide between “burping” and “belching,” but good taste (kind of) prevailed.

Sharing is Caring Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 7One day I came up with like five pretty good organ rejection jokes. The thing is you can do them all at once or family is going to wonder what’s going on. Cartoonists have odd problems.

Time-Insensitive Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 8

The patient seems oddly OK with this. Good for him I guess.

Inventory Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 9

I can’t help thinking about that old Ernie stealing Bert’s nose sketch from Sesame Street when I look at this.

It’s Fine, Just Fine, Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 10

For me what makes this cartoon funny is the guy’s arms being under covers at his sides. I don’t know why, but that’s super funny to me.

Little Red Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 11

I draw a lot of doctor cartoons so I’m always looking for a way to draw the exam room a little different. This one’s a keeper I think.

YouTube Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 12

There were a lot of those David After Dentist type videos there for a while so I had to comment.

Better Safe Than Sorry Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 13

See? Another organ transplant one.

It’s About Time Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 14Happens to me all the time.

High-Fructose Doctor

Doctor Cartoons 15

I did not enjoy drawing that pinata. At all.

A Few More Doctor Cartoons

Doctor Cartoons 16

Kind of. For what it’s worth.

Doctor Cartoons 17

Looking at this now it’s the same doctor and same patient as the first cartoon. I hope this guy’s got good insurance.

Doctor Cartoons 18Drew this one after twisting an ankle. Does that explain the misplaced quote marks at the front of the second sentence? Maybe. (Not to self – fix that.)

So that’s it for this collection of doctor cartoons. Want some more? Check ’em all out here. And feel free to buy one for your blog or social media, or subscribe and get ’em all!