Valentine Cartoons

February 14th is fast approaching, so I thought I’d share this year’s crop of valentine cartoons! (Plus a few extras.) Enjoy!

 Valentine Tech Support

Vlaentine Cartoons #7455

‘Tis better to have paired and lost than never to have paired at all.

Valentine Quotas

Valentine Cartoons #7456

But his platonic friendship numbers are through the roof!

Valentine Meetings

Valentine Cartoons #7457

I have to say, I don’t love drawing cherubs. So drawing four of them in a meeting was not something I was looking forward to. Thankfully I really liked this joke.

Valentines, Inc.

Valentine Cartoons #7458

Awww…¬† I mean, oh… I mean, ewwww…

Valentine Dietary Concerns

Valentine Cartoons #7459

If I ever obtain an allergy to chocolate, you have my permission to pull the plug. But grab and pull it by the plug, not the cord, OK? That’s not safe.

Valentines (order Araneae)

Valentine Cartoons #7460

I spent a lot of time look at closeups of spider faces for this cartoon. Take that, people who say I don’t suffer for my art!

OK, so that’s this year’s batch of valentine cartoons. Still not feeling the love? Well, here’s some…

More Valentine Cartoons

valentine Cartoons #7163

I’ve had to read this aloud at a few presentations. It’s tricky and it takes a little pre-talk practice. So if you hear me doing it, I’m not crazy, I’m preparing.

Valentine Cartoons #6834

This is probably one of the downright meanest valentine cartoons I’ve ever done. But it makes me snort when I laugh.

Valentine Cartoons #6520

I’m more of a Marvel guy than DC. And that shirt was totally fun to draw.

Valentine Cartoons #6340


I don’t normally do cartoons with more than one gag in them because I’m basically lazy. But every so often I dig into something like this one and it’s totally satisfying. (I’m particularly proud of Fudgy Epiphany!’)

Valentine Cartoons #6835


That’s right. I took on Sweetest Day. Aw… yeah…

Still not enough? Well lucky for you I’ve got a bunch more Valentine’s Day Cartoons. You’re gonna love ’em! (Get it?! Get it?! Sigh…¬† I’m sorry.)



Valentines Day Cartoons – 2013 Collection

Valentines Day cartoons are some of my favorite holiday cartoons to draw. You get to talk about love, candy, hearts, and a flying mostly naked baby with a bow and arrow. The cartoon possibilities are almost endless!

So, since Valentine’s day is just about here, here are some new cartoons I hope you’ll love:

Valentine's Day Cartoons 1

Valentine’s Day is all about telling that special someone how you feel, even if that someone is another company. You know though, if corporations really are people, there’s a vastly underserved market here! (Note to self – Valentines for corporations.)

Valentine's Day Cartoons 2

Whenever I can get a caption down to one word I do a happy little dance. It’s a shame you can’t see it, it’s quite something. I really get into it.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 3

I thought this might be too geeky for general consumption, but when you consider The Avengers is one of the highest earning movies ever made, I think I’m OK here. Also, I dare you to fine another Valentine’s Day cartoon with the Hulk in it. I dare you. I double dare you.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 4

Cupid is certainly a staple of Valentine cartoons, but I gotta tell ya, drawing the little guy is a pain. Wings, arrows, quiver, bow, sash, and all on a baby to boot! Yeesh!

Valentine's Day Cartoons 5

You know for a cartoon that’s about how a non-scripty font is bad for greeting cards, I sure chose an odd font to represent the greeting card company’s name on the wall. Just sayin’.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 6

It’s not weird enough that a flying infant shoots you with love arrows, but then he’s also got arrows that are intentionally romantically disappointing? Not cool, man.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 7

You know I was sure someone had done this, but I looked and looked and looked everywhere I could think to look online and could not find a Facebook like candy box instead of a Valentine heart candy box cartoon anywhere. Now, of course, having said that, 14 people will email some to me. But I swear I looked!

Valentine's Day Cartoons 8

I bet that hurts.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 9

I like cartoons that suggest a more involved back story, and you just know the back story in this Valentine’s Day cartoon is really something.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 10

The only thing worse than drawing a cupid, is drawing two of them right next to each other.

Well, that does it for 2013, but you can see all of my Valentines Day cartoons here. I know you’ll love them!

Turkey Cartoons

There is nothing I don’t like about Thanksgiving turkey. The crispy skin, the big hunks of meat, the cooking the stuffing in it… Just writing this is making me hungry!!

Turkeys are also way too much fun to do cartoons about. They’re fun to draw, there’s the whole impending doom thing, and they were Ben Franklin’s choice for the national bird! Jackpot!!

So, since Thanksgiving is almost here, I thought I’d share some of my favorite turkey cartoons. Gobble gobble!

I do so love drawing animals in ordinary day-to-day situations. Working in offices, sitting on the couch, but one of special favorites is the bar. Animals hunched over drinking their problems away is almost funny enough without a caption. Throw in another holiday related animal and some bitter envy and you’ve got yourself a pretty good cartoon (if I do say so myself).

Ok, I always like selling a cartoon, but sometimes just drawing the cartoon is enough. Turkey newscaster with a turkey murder chalk outline? Fun!!

This cartoon, on further reflection, probably has a little too much going on to work well. You have to see that the doctor character is a plastic surgeon, you have to see that the picture the turkey is handing over is a duck… There’s probably a simpler way to do this with a longer caption, but I couldn’t get myself to stretch it out. Sometimes the balancing act gets a little tipsy.

Mostly I draw Thanksgiving turkey cartoons where the bird is dealing with the upcoming unpleasantness, so this one where the turkey is actually dead is a bit of a departure. But once I got “leftovers” in my head I couldn’t get it out, so we get the sort of sad cartoon above. Still, leftovers is kinda funny.

This cartoon is your basic reversal. What would turkeys eat for Thanksgiving?
You’d think they shy away from the whole holiday, never mind a turkey-ish main dish, but there it is. Who knew?!

Turkey Cartoon #4209 by Andertoons

Pop-up thermometers are inherently funny. They just are. I’m not saying they’re not useful, and I have to admit they’re kind of cool, but the name “pop-up thermometer” is awesomely goofy.

We’ll, that does it for our fine feathered fun. Feel free to check out all of my turkey cartoons, and enjoy your feast, everyone!