This Inking Life & Where the Heck I’ve Been Lately

OK, first off, sorry it’s been a week or so since I last blogged. It’s been a good month or so since I felt comfortable with my sales, but last week the floodgates opened and, sadly, the blog pays the price.

I’ve also been futzing with my glasses (two eye appointments and three trips to Lenscrafters that had me wandering the mall a la Mr. Magoo) and my cell phone (that cool new LG Chocolate phone won’t work with my Mac! GRRR!!!). Add to that the impending Anderson family picnic here at the Anderson compound and… Whew!

OK, enough excuses…

Mike Lynch has some great pics up of the GNAC “This Drinking Life” show, including this one of yours truly’s meager additions.

Img 0577

I have to say, having my stuff framed was a weird experience. I always feel a little uptight around other cartoonists, and I was (am) worried that I’d commit some sort of framing faux pas. But things seem to look OK.

Anyway, Mike has all sorts of stuff about the show over at Chez Lynch. Check it out!

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