Sam Cobean Online

AddamsdrawingOne of my favorite cartoonists is Sam Cobean. I discovered him a few years back and have since collected both of his books. (Sam’s career was tragically cut short by an automobile accident in 1951.)

In addition to being a New Yorker cartoonist, Cobean created ads for Ken-L-Ration and The Chicago Tribune, and worked as an in-betweener on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Cobean’s easy bold line, spare washes, and gentle humor speak to me and I was really pleased to find a nice collection of his work online at

Art 012

Like many sites of older overlooked cartoonists, the design is spare, but the art shines through. The best part is that many of Cobean’s originals are for sale!

It’s a great place to invest some time getting to know an artist I wish had had more time with us. Check it out!

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