Mailbox – Brown Bear Edition

Andertoonsmailbox-1 I don’t normally post the few complimentary emails I receive in Mailbox, but, hey, it’ll be a nice change of pace.

This from a woman who used this cartoon to open a presentation:

So I decided that I really needed to set the stage for the comic (Brown Bear) to be best received by 35 brand new teachers at 8 am in the morning and here’s what I did:

I asked them if they were all familiar with Brown Bear and held up the book and they all nodded. I told them that I realized we had a long day ahead of us but that I wondered what in th eworld happens to storybook characters after the film crew leaves and Eric Carle packs up and returns to wherever. What did those forest animals do while they were living off the land and their royalty checks. Then I put up the overhead of your comic and there was dead silence and then substantial laughter – then I said, sounds like the squirrel wished he had had the lead role…thanks, it was fun 🙂

See, this is what I love about doing business online. I do this relatively obscure cartoon about a children’s book, and someone finds it and is able to use it.

Anyway, thanks for the lovely email!

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