My New Productivity Enhancing Device (Read: Toy)

I just picked this little thingy up the other day:


It’s a NuLOOQ from Logitech. It a weighted dial with some buttons and a scroll wheel on top. Used with Photoshop it lets you zoom in and out with a twist, increase/decrease your brush/eraser diameter with the spin of the finger, move around your art with a nudge, and some other stuff I have yet to figure out that look like a lot of fun.

I colored two cartoons this morning in record time my first time out. I wish it were just a smidge heavier, but the glowing blue lights make up for it.

Seriously, this thing is great so far. Used in conjunction with my graphics tablet I save a lot of keyboard shortcutting and toolbar tinkering. Plus I look all space-agey when I use it!

Highly recommended.

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4 thoughts on “My New Productivity Enhancing Device (Read: Toy)”

  1. Hey Mark,

    Very nice blog. (A client, Brad Shorr linked it in his blog, so I thought I'd check it out.)

    As for your new gizmo, that looks really cool. I'd consider it too, but I traded in my Wacom for an Intuous 3 a couple years ago. I programmed the buttons and touch strips to handle those functions and some others, (like switching among brush types & paint bucket, and stepping backward and forward in time with your non-drawing hand.) Big time saver, as your new little friend must be.

    BTW, I saw your post about the Photoshop intro screen, and like you, I see it open every day and have YET to investigate 'what's new'. Ha ha! (It appears we both took the plunge with IMacs and Photoshop CS2 last year at about the same time. G5 w/ISight, non-Intel, right?)

    Otherwise, just wanted to say hello. Keep up the terrific work and blogging…


    Mark Hill

  2. An added note: I took a look at the product link you posted and it appears with the 'customizable cells', one can add access to more functions that we haven't discussed here…something that might make it worth considering.

    Take care,


  3. Hey Mark!

    I've been considering the Intuos 3, that sounds like a lot of fun too. Maybe around the end of the year when I'm looking for more toys, I mean write-offs.

    Yep, you called my Mac. I also have a Pwerbook that I pretty much love.

    I'm looking forward to digging into the NuLOOQ a bit more, but things are crazy here lately. I'll letcha know how I like some other features…

  4. Sure, I'd love to hear more about your experience with the NuLOOQ, when you get a chance.

    I need a few more toys/write-offs, myself!



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