Cartoon Info Released Into Wild

I’m happy to announce another new feature on everyone’s favorite cartoon website,!

On each cartoon’s individual page, there’s now a good chunk of information pertaining to that cartoon immediately underneath it:


For example, this cartoon is #4024, belongs to the Animal Cartoons, Business Cartoons & Office Cartoons topics, has eleven tags attached (crabs, walking, sideways, lateral, promotions, work, jobs, business, corporate, animals, seafood), has been previously published in Reader’s Digest, and lists the caption.

OK, you’re saying, big deal. A lot of info that doesn’t really help me.

But it does…

Look closely and you’ll see that each topic and keyword is actually a link. Click on, say, “promotions,” and you’ll get this:


Click on “seafood” instead, and you’ll get this:


Neat, huh?

Of course, this information haas always been part of the site – it’s been working diligently behind the scenes for years in the search box. But, it’s been suggested that information wants to be free, and who am I to argue.

This new searchability will allow users to drill down to exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily, no matter how obscure their desired result may be.

Enjoy the new feature, and have some fun just browsing around.

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