Dark Tower Comics


I ran across a poster for this at Wizard World Chicago, and I gotta say, I’m intrigued.

This from the Marvel site:

World Fantasy Award-winning writer Stephen King, long acknowledged as the master of modern horror, and Marvel Comics join forces this spring to launch a ground-breaking new comic book series adapted from King’s magnum opus, The Dark Tower.

The comic series will mark the first time Stephen King has produced original content for an ongoing comic book project. The series will expand the saga of King’s epic hero, Roland Deschain, whose quest to save the Dark Tower is captured in seven best-selling novels published over the course of twenty-five years. King’s unparalleled storytelling power will inform new stories that delve into the life and times of the young Roland, revealing the trials and conflicts that lead to the burden of destiny he must assume as a man, the last Gunslinger from a world that has moved on. The comics will work in conjunction with the novels, further supplementing and defining the saga’s mythology under the direction of the acclaimed author himself.

I’m a big fan of King’s Dark Tower stuff, although I’ve found it hard to find the time to read the last three or so. I’m really curious to see how this pans out.


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Cartoons Go Cold Turkey

GroupTurner Broadcasting is going back into its Hanna-Barbera holdings and systematically editing certain references to smoking.

The review was triggered by a complaint to British media regulator Ofcom by one viewer who took offence to two episodes of Tom and Jerry shown on the Boomerang channel, part of Turner Broadcasting which itself belongs to Time Warner Inc.

One viewer?! Yeesh!

In order to avoid entanglements with an as of yet unnamed English professor, Warner Brothers is also reported to be considering changing Bugs Bunny’s trademark slang from “What’s up, Doc?” to the more correct “Hello.”


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It’s Not Easy Writing Green

KarlspotIf Mark Heath were a cop, not only would he play by his own rules, he’d probably alphabetize them and pick out a really nice font.

Check out Mark’s blog about contemplating breaking his own Spot the Frog rules. It’s the kind of blog I love to read – a much deeper look into what cartoonists think about.

And go read Spot, dagnabbit!

(BTW, the green font isn’t an error. After writing that title I got a little goofy with my blogging software. It’s been a long day and I’m a little tired and punchy. So sue me.)

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My New Productivity Enhancing Device (Read: Toy)

I just picked this little thingy up the other day:


It’s a NuLOOQ from Logitech. It a weighted dial with some buttons and a scroll wheel on top. Used with Photoshop it lets you zoom in and out with a twist, increase/decrease your brush/eraser diameter with the spin of the finger, move around your art with a nudge, and some other stuff I have yet to figure out that look like a lot of fun.

I colored two cartoons this morning in record time my first time out. I wish it were just a smidge heavier, but the glowing blue lights make up for it.

Seriously, this thing is great so far. Used in conjunction with my graphics tablet I save a lot of keyboard shortcutting and toolbar tinkering. Plus I look all space-agey when I use it!

Highly recommended.

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