This Inking Life & Where the Heck I’ve Been Lately

OK, first off, sorry it’s been a week or so since I last blogged. It’s been a good month or so since I felt comfortable with my sales, but last week the floodgates opened and, sadly, the blog pays the price.

I’ve also been futzing with my glasses (two eye appointments and three trips to Lenscrafters that had me wandering the mall a la Mr. Magoo) and my cell phone (that cool new LG Chocolate phone won’t work with my Mac! GRRR!!!). Add to that the impending Anderson family picnic here at the Anderson compound and… Whew!

OK, enough excuses…

Mike Lynch has some great pics up of the GNAC “This Drinking Life” show, including this one of yours truly’s meager additions.

Img 0577

I have to say, having my stuff framed was a weird experience. I always feel a little uptight around other cartoonists, and I was (am) worried that I’d commit some sort of framing faux pas. But things seem to look OK.

Anyway, Mike has all sorts of stuff about the show over at Chez Lynch. Check it out!

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Mailbox – Brown Bear Edition

Andertoonsmailbox-1 I don’t normally post the few complimentary emails I receive in Mailbox, but, hey, it’ll be a nice change of pace.

This from a woman who used this cartoon to open a presentation:

So I decided that I really needed to set the stage for the comic (Brown Bear) to be best received by 35 brand new teachers at 8 am in the morning and here’s what I did:

I asked them if they were all familiar with Brown Bear and held up the book and they all nodded. I told them that I realized we had a long day ahead of us but that I wondered what in th eworld happens to storybook characters after the film crew leaves and Eric Carle packs up and returns to wherever. What did those forest animals do while they were living off the land and their royalty checks. Then I put up the overhead of your comic and there was dead silence and then substantial laughter – then I said, sounds like the squirrel wished he had had the lead role…thanks, it was fun 🙂

See, this is what I love about doing business online. I do this relatively obscure cartoon about a children’s book, and someone finds it and is able to use it.

Anyway, thanks for the lovely email!

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Andertoons As Art


You might have already read about this over at Mike Lynch’s or Brian Fies’ blogs, but just in case you didn’t, there’s going to be a show of cartoon art at the Great Neck Arts Center in New York from August 12 to October 1. And I’m in it!

I’ll have two pieces, each with the original cartoon, and the published version. They’re pretty neat, and I think the faming turned out really well.

Anyway, check it out if you get a chance.

Also, I’m going to have 12 of my cartoons on display in the Hanover Park Library from November to December.

I’ve just finished picking them out and I’m going to frame them soon. Stop by if you get a chance.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been commissioned to do two original cartoons for a client. One is for company use, but the other is a large (3 foot by 2 foot) original watercolor for display only.

Who knew my goofy little cartoons would ever be considered art?!

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Welcome Screen Limbo

I’ve been running Photoshop CS2 ever since I got my first Mac over a year ago, and every time I open it I get this:


I know I can turn it off. In fact it’s right there in the left hand corner. With just a click I’d never have to see this again.

But I have yet to check out the “New Features At A Glance.” I keep meaning to, and, doubtless, there are undiscovered wonders I could be utilizing this very moment, but I never click on anything.

You’d think after all this time I’d just turn it off, or actually explore some “New Feature Highlights,” but for some reason I’m happy in my own comfy Adobe limbo.

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Follow That Cartoon (Part 5)

Welcome back to Follow That Cartoon! A series of entries in which I track the creation, submissions, and, hopefully, the sale of this cartoon:


Got my first “no thanks” from the cartoon editor for Reader’s Digest.


The good news is I have a number of others being held for the next big meeting, but #5922 isn’t among them.

Oh well, off to the next market. I’ll letcha know when I send it out again.

(BTW, while looking this one up in my database, I couldn’t help but notice its similarity to this cartoon. Apparently I’m already plagiarizing myself.)

(Another BTW, you can follow the rest of the entries starting with this previous one.)

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