Dog Cartoons!

Dog cartoons are some of my favorite to do.

There’s an awful lot of really good low-hanging material to play with: fetch, tail wagging, being man’s best friend… Then there’s the wealth of idioms: every dog has its day, sick as a dog, it’s a dog eat dog world for example. And if you want you can go pretty deep: Pavlov,  different breeds, Westminster…  Not to mention they’re fun to draw and even more fun to anthropomorphize!

So today and next Tuesday the Andertoons Cartoon Blog is going to the dogs! Enjoy:

I have to admit I’ve done this with my own dog. There’s just something so funny about watching her look for a ball that’s not there. It must drive her crazy.

This is one of those cartoons where I can’t really explain why it’s funny to me. The casual banter over brandy in the middle of a rescue just makes me really happy.

I normally steer away from subjects like blindness for fear of offending someone, but this seemed gentle enough, and I just couldn’t resist.

This came to me while I was buying dog food at the store. I imagined separate bags marked ‘kibbles” and “bits,” and then that scene from When Harry Met Sally came to mind. Who knew Alpo and Ephron would mix?

This one began with the image first as sort of a brain teaser for myself. What had this dog done that had created those results? In the end it ended up being not about the cause, but just being happy.

Dog Cartoon #6239 by Andertoons

Sparky was eventually acquitted and now lives quietly with his tail in rural Iowa.

I hope you enjoyed this mini collection of dog cartoons! See you again next week, and feel free to browse more here.

(BTW, don’t miss the sequel to this entry!)

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  1. This is not the best dog cartoon i’ve seen in terms of the dog illustration. But the cartoon itself is the funniest among all i’ve seen. Great post!

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