Cat Cartoons

People love cats. I mean they really love cats. For crying out loud, at one point they were literally worshiped. Worshiped!

So drawing cat cartoons puts me a little on edge. I haven’t spent lots of time observing or studying them. I can’t say they’re my favorite thing to draw. And, well, the ever-changing collection of hairballs and why-did-you-eat-the-dog-food-you-know-it-makes-you-vomit stains don’t exactly put me in the mood very often.

But they’re a staple of every cartoonist worth his or her salt, so a few times a year I make myself sit down and come up with a few new batches of feline funnies.

Here’s just a few:

I love animals in meetings. Talking animal cartoons are fairly common, but putting then in a conference room with a coffee mug or two makes me giggle audibly while I’m drawing them.

It’s interesting that the above symptoms would signal some sort of impending illness for any other species, but not for cats.

That fish on the right is either scared out of his gourd, or kind of poorly drawn. Probably a little of both.

The trick with this cartoon was drawing the container large enough to write “floss” on it legibly, but not so big that the reader wondered “why did she buy twelve pounds of floss?!”

This is simply the very best cat I’ve ever drawn. Period.

Cat Cartoon #6256 by Andertoons

I think I should tell you, I love Dr. Seuss.

He was read to my first born, and then my caboose.

Drawing like him, well it took quite a while,

so I hope that this cat cartoon gave you a smile.

(Honestly, I spent like an entire afternoon crafting that little Seussism.)

Well that’s it for this week’s kitty kavalkade! Drop by next week when I’ll offer up a new litter of cat cartoons.