Halloween Cartoons Sampler Platter

Halloween is almost here, so I thought I'd post some of my favorite Halloween cartoons to scare up a few laughs.


This skeleton cartoon took a while and was a little outside my art comfort zone. It was worth it.


This pumpkin cartoon is probably my biggest Halloween seller.


And finally, this chicken cartoon has never sold, but for some reason I still think it's funny. (BTW, "bawk baaaaawk…" is poultry for 'they're heeeeere…")

Enjoy your Halloween, all!

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3 thoughts on “Halloween Cartoons Sampler Platter”

  1. Ha! No explanation needed on the Poultrygeist comic. This probably would have sold a bunch of times if that film was more recent or if you simply went back in time and submitted it when the film came out.

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