Pics Around the House

I was working on sending out paks of cartoons today, as well as sending out some Ebay stuff, drawing new cartoons, and working on an elaborate hobo illustration. So, neatnik that I am, I thought a shot of my desk at its worst might be interesting:

Img 1424

I even thought this picture of our dog, Satchel, posing pretzel-like, might be the pic of the day:

Img 1437

But then, while playing with my son in his room, there was a rather loud noise, and something big sliding quickly down his window. I ran downstairs to find this in the back yard:

Img 1438

Img 1439

Img 1440

OK, not a huge deal, but I just paid a boatload to have a giant willow taken down after a big storm. Why do my trees all hate me?!

Pretty good, but, the pic of the day has to be this:

Img 1426

What is it, you ask? My wife is a wonderful baker, and baked two loaves of cinnamon swirl break from scratch this afternoon. This is the dough, freshly risen. (It’s covered in saran wrap.)

Here’s the final product:

Img 1441

A good day for pictures!

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Follow That Cartoon (Part 4)

Welcome back to Follow That Cartoon! A series of entries in which I track the creation, submissions, and, hopefully, the sale of one cartoon.


OK, last time, I finished up the cartoon & entered it into my database. Now it’s time to send it out to its very first market!

The cartoon editor at Reader’s Digest emailed me to let me know he needed submissions soon, and they’re one of my best markets, so this will be the first place this cartoon goes.

I’ll letcha know when I hear back…

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