Pics Around the House

I was working on sending out paks of cartoons today, as well as sending out some Ebay stuff, drawing new cartoons, and working on an elaborate hobo illustration. So, neatnik that I am, I thought a shot of my desk at its worst might be interesting:

Img 1424

I even thought this picture of our dog, Satchel, posing pretzel-like, might be the pic of the day:

Img 1437

But then, while playing with my son in his room, there was a rather loud noise, and something big sliding quickly down his window. I ran downstairs to find this in the back yard:

Img 1438

Img 1439

Img 1440

OK, not a huge deal, but I just paid a boatload to have a giant willow taken down after a big storm. Why do my trees all hate me?!

Pretty good, but, the pic of the day has to be this:

Img 1426

What is it, you ask? My wife is a wonderful baker, and baked two loaves of cinnamon swirl break from scratch this afternoon. This is the dough, freshly risen. (It’s covered in saran wrap.)

Here’s the final product:

Img 1441

A good day for pictures!

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1 thought on “Pics Around the House”

  1. Man oh man, I never thought I'd actually see CLUTTER around you work area!

    Satchel is sooo cute. We have 2 cats, but I wanna dog!

    Didn't those tree guys who took down the willow notice that there was another tree with a problem?

    Can your lovely baker wife mail me a cinnamon bread slice???

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