Homepage on AOL

AOLOK, I’ve had some reports that the daily cartoon on the home page of everyone’s favorite cartoon site isn’t showing up for AOL users.

So, here’s my offer:

The first AOL user who can send me a screenshot of the homepage sans cartoon (no photoshopping please) will get a free gift set of Andertoons hot sauce!

What is Andertoons hot sauce you ask? Check out this earlier blog entry…

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Andertoons Uncut

Yesterday I was really excited to see cartooning pal Mark Heath back up and blogging again!

The most interesting of yesterday’s entries for me was this blog about assembling the Sunday comic. There’s a lot of different pieces to be cobbled together in Photoshop, and it’s just so neat to see how differently comics artists work today vs. the gigantic WYSIWYG originals I just saw in Milwaukee.

Anyway, I was recently poring over some originals, and I found this rare uncut sheet of my cartoons.

To save on paper I usually do three to four cartoons on a 9×12 sheet of Borden & Riley. Then I cut them out (sometimes in really goofy shapes depending on the layout) and scan them in.

Then a little Photoshopping and voilà!

For some reason this one never met my scissors:


Here are the cartoons in their final forms:

Leprechaun Cartoon

Weatherman Cartoon

Psychiatrist Cartoon

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