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AOLOK, I’ve had some reports that the daily cartoon on the home page of everyone’s favorite cartoon site isn’t showing up for AOL users.

So, here’s my offer:

The first AOL user who can send me a screenshot of the homepage sans cartoon (no photoshopping please) will get a free gift set of Andertoons hot sauce!

What is Andertoons hot sauce you ask? Check out this earlier blog entry…

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Warmest Thanks

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So I moved to a better hosting company over the weekend, and although things went exceedingly smoothly, I thought it best to check out a few parts of the site across a large sampling of computers and browsers.

After sending out an email to my daily cartoon and blog syndication subscribers, I was flooded with emails testing various pages of the site. (OK, it didn’t hurt that I offered a free three-pack of Andertoons Hot Sauce to the first three responders.)

Yep. You read that right; Andertoons Hot Sauce!

Every year I send my top clients a thank you gift, and this year, as I’m a big hot sauce guy, it was custom hot sauce. Three flavors: Devilishly Hot, Cilantro Lime, and Peach Pepper. Each with a cartoon and my contact info on the label.

Then we moved to the new Anderson compound and all of that info was no longer any good. So, I’m looking for ways to give away hot sauces, and I was pleasantly surprised at the response from my readers.

You always hope that people like your work, but the scores of people writing in to help, and maybe get some mislabeled Andertoons product, was just fantastic.

So, without any further adieu, here are the winners:

Kay Grosinske, Beverly Mills and Dilip Gohil! (You can check an actual screen shot of my email below to verify their quick-draw emailing.)


Thanks again to everyone who helped out, and to the winners, your sauce is on the way!

(BTW, for anyone still reading this, be the first to email me at the website and mention this blog entry, and I’ll send you a free bottle of Andertoons Devilishly Hot Sauce!)

NOTE – Congrats to Adrian for nabbing the bottle! Who new my hot sauce would move this fast?!

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