Boy Genius

Yesterday I was talking with my wife about a number of cartoon ideas I was fleshing out. A number of them, for some reason, revolved around pirates.

Well, my soon-to-be-three-year-old son overheard and decided he’d do his own cartoon, just like Daddy.

Here’s his gag, word for word: “One pirate says to another pirate ‘I’m tired of eating toast,’ so the other one gives him a muffin.”

And here’s his art:


OK, it’s a little sketchy, so here’s how he explained it to me:


No bad for how young he is, and, honestly, he sort of copied the basic construction of my idea, which is: Pirate to another – “I’m tired of ‘first mate.’ How about ‘co-pirate?'”

My wife and I have discussed children following their parents into careers, and specifically cartoonists, their children, and the numerous undead ‘legacy strips.’ And while I can’t say I want the boy to follow so closely in my footsteps, I can see how flattering it could be.

Anyway, not bad eh?

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