You’re On My iPod, Charlie Brown!


A BIG thanks to Comics Reporter for this!

Charles Schultz wrote this entire album, expanding themes that are drawn from the comic strip. The voice-actors are comedy writer Arthur Siegel as Charlie Brown and stage and screen actress Kaye Ballard (later of “The Mothers-In-Law”- thanks, Larry!) as Lucy. The music that surrounds the comedy bits was composed and orchestrated by the great Fred Karlin, famous for his work with Benny Goodman, Harry James, and Raymond Scott. The album was produced by John Hammond and released on Columbia’s Harmony imprint (HS11230). This is one of the toughest “Peanuts” records to find. Unfortunately, my vinyl is hindered by surface noise and a skip on Track 4. Nevertheless, it predates all of the TV specials and was a landmark event in the history of America’s greatest comic strip.

Unless you’re a blockhead, go download it!

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