Ultraviolet & Hoodwinked – Reviews

OK, I’ve decided on a new format for my movies reviews. I’m going for the movie pitch approach. You’ll understand, don’t worry…


It’s Underworld, meets Revlon commercial, meets the color wheel.

Here’s the tag – “The Blood War is On, and You’re Worth It.”


It’s Into the Woods, meets the Flonase bee.

Tagline – “Plot, Animation & General Concept Trouble In The Hood”

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Flickring Rejection

185167388 989B89C8E6 MIt’s taken me a while to decide whether or not Flickr is useful, but after taking a hundred or so pics of my Spider-Man toys, I’ve caught the bug.

Here’s a collection of rejection slips I’ve gotten over the years. So far there’s only six, but I’ve got more sitting next to the scanner.

I’ve also started a group for people to upload their own rejection slips.

So, now I’m on Flickr too. Yeesh…

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