Ultraviolet & Hoodwinked – Reviews

OK, I’ve decided on a new format for my movies reviews. I’m going for the movie pitch approach. You’ll understand, don’t worry…


It’s Underworld, meets Revlon commercial, meets the color wheel.

Here’s the tag – “The Blood War is On, and You’re Worth It.”


It’s Into the Woods, meets the Flonase bee.

Tagline – “Plot, Animation & General Concept Trouble In The Hood”

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6 thoughts on “Ultraviolet & Hoodwinked – Reviews”

  1. Believe it or not, the Flonase bee was designed by Neal Adams (of Silver Age DC Comic stardom) design firm. And they're quite proud of it.

  2. Oops, that's Nasonex for the bee. I have no idea what Flonase's spokesthing is…

    I'm not saying the Nasonex bee is bad, it's just I was expecting a tad more from a feature length film. It's perfectly acceptable for a 30-second spot.

  3. [chuckle] Loved the "Ultraviolet" review and tagline, very funny. However, I believe the slogan, "you're worth it", belongs to L'Oreal, not Revlon. But who cares, I gotcha, and it was funny. [grin]

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