Happy Anniversary, Magoo Review!

519P3SRM21L._SL500_AA240_.jpgWell, it’s only a few months before the holidays, which means that any day now my 2004 review of Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol will flare up. People seem to love hating this review almost as much as I hated the movie.

True, I said “I can see myself walloping Tiny Tim with his own cane as we speak,” but honestly, is “go back to school, relive your childhood like Magoo did, and btw, learn to draw!” warranted?

Ultraviolet & Hoodwinked – Reviews

OK, I’ve decided on a new format for my movies reviews. I’m going for the movie pitch approach. You’ll understand, don’t worry…


It’s Underworld, meets Revlon commercial, meets the color wheel.

Here’s the tag – “The Blood War is On, and You’re Worth It.”


It’s Into the Woods, meets the Flonase bee.

Tagline – “Plot, Animation & General Concept Trouble In The Hood”

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The Margie YHGTBKM Movie Review Scale

In recent movie reviews I’ve mentioned my wife’s opinions as a sort of bonus. Occasionally during a film she’ll be moved to comment and recently I’ve begun counting how many times she says “You have got to be kidding me!”, or something like it, as another measure of a movie.

Well, her stats have proven so popular that I’m actually adding a new feature to my movie reviews: The Margie “You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!” Movie Review Scale! (Or YHGTBKM for short.)

From now on, for every three outbursts, I’ll add a graphic of my lovely wife rolling her eyes:


For example: Catwoman received eleven outbursts from my better half, so you’d see three and two-thirds Margie heads.


Now before you get all excited, she’s not going to be able to watch every movie with me, but I’ll be sure to save the obvious stinkers for couples viewing.

I hope you enjoy the new feature!

(BTW, I’ve also added a shortcut to all reviews featuring YHGTBKM under the “Categories” heading. And, although they don’t contain any Margie heads, I’ve also added Catwoman and Elektra to the YHGTBKM category since they got the ball rolling.)