Magoo Review Renewed

magoos christmas carol

It’s that time of year again, when my 2004 (YES! 2004!) Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol review gets found and people begin leaving comments again. 

This one is over at BlogCritics where I’d republished it, and it’s honestly pretty tame:

Surprised by the author’s take on this. Obviously, a very literal-minded person. Mr. Magoo can’t step out of his blindness to do a good turn as Scrooge and heaven forbid someone engage in a little word play by turning "pencil" into "pencible" (which I found one of the most charming lyrics in the most charming song of the production.

I’m not saying this is a masterpiece. It gets a little gooey sweet, much as I imagine razzleberry dressing to be, but it’s accessible, fun and injects several notes of humor into a story that, until the end, has a gloomy feel throughout. I loved it as a kid, got the vido, and my kids loved it, too.

Honestly I sort of miss comments like:

How dare you!…HOW DARE YOUUU!!! How dare you sit there and criticize Mr Magoos Xmas Carol!!! Its an all time Grrreaat!


What’s all the fuss you ask? Well, apparently this is a much beloved special and I, um, sort of went off on it.  For example:

And the "razzleberry dressing" and "wooflejelly" stuff simply made me want to beat little Gerald McBoing-Boing to a pulp. Seriously, I can see myself walloping Tiny Tim with his own cane as we speak.


Anyway, it seems to finally be slowing down and maybe it’ll end by 2014 just in time for my review’s 10th anniversary.

Sci-fi Magoo?!

OK, so I’m browsing and updating my Netflix watch instantly queue, when I see this is my sci-fi recommendations:

magoo scifi

I’s kinda hard to see, so I’ll list the titles.  Under Sci-Fi & Fantasy there is:

  • Alien Trespass
  • Meet the Holowheads
  • Uncle Sam Magoo
  • The Brother from Another Planet

Anything seem odd there?

I’m no Magoo fan, but I gotta wonder if maybe the old guy gets an alien coming out of his chest or something? Is he fighting alien zombies over unobtanium? Is he Richie Rich’s evil father?!

I don’t want to hit Play, and yet…

You Know It’s Almost Christmas When…


…I start getting comments about my 2004 review of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.

Not too bad so far:

Just reading these blogs for the first time while looking for the DVD version of Magoo's Christmas. It's my favorite and I'm approaching 58 years old. When young Ebenezer sings "I'm All Alone in the World" it still brings tears to my eyes. Clever lyrics, i.e., "Where are two shoes to click to my clack . . . " Can't beat it. Will always be a favorite of mine, but to each his own. God bless us, everyone!

But soon there'll be more like this:

Anderson you're a pompous fool. Every boomer alive knows this is the best animated Christmas classic ever made. Of course the repeats of "razzleberry" make us cringe, but it sticks in our brains like all genius product marketing jingles. If you don't see the joy here, you grew up too fast. So sad for you. Time to go back to school, relive your childhood like Magoo did, and btw, learn to draw.

Happy Holidays indeed!

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No! NO! It’s too early!!!

…for people to begin hating my Magoo review!

Until I read your slam I had no idea Tiny Tim was Gerald McBoing-Boing. I was far too young for Gerald. If ever I noticed a resemblance in later years I just figured it was UPA stylization.

OK, not so hateful. In fact, kinda bland. But still, people are looking for this damn movie already?! AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

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