You Know It’s Almost Christmas When…


…I start getting comments about my 2004 review of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.

Not too bad so far:

Just reading these blogs for the first time while looking for the DVD version of Magoo's Christmas. It's my favorite and I'm approaching 58 years old. When young Ebenezer sings "I'm All Alone in the World" it still brings tears to my eyes. Clever lyrics, i.e., "Where are two shoes to click to my clack . . . " Can't beat it. Will always be a favorite of mine, but to each his own. God bless us, everyone!

But soon there'll be more like this:

Anderson you're a pompous fool. Every boomer alive knows this is the best animated Christmas classic ever made. Of course the repeats of "razzleberry" make us cringe, but it sticks in our brains like all genius product marketing jingles. If you don't see the joy here, you grew up too fast. So sad for you. Time to go back to school, relive your childhood like Magoo did, and btw, learn to draw.

Happy Holidays indeed!

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1 thought on “You Know It’s Almost Christmas When…”

  1. Magoo brings tears to someone's eyes? OMG! ROFL!!!

    I can understand getting tears in your eyes when Linus asks for "Lights, please" and makes his speech, or when Alistair Sim has his last reel epiphany, or when The Old Man points out to Ralphie that there's one more present under the tree.

    But Magoo? A heart-tugger for "every boomer alive?"

    No way. In the words of Bil Keane, NOT ME!

    I guess the next thing is being told I'm not a "real American."

    Gimme a break! "Pompous fools" unite!

    Oh, and one more quote:

    "…and btw, learn to draw."

    Aww, spreading the Holiday cheer in that loving, anonymous, Internetty flaming way.

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