Awful Superhero Halloween Costumes I’d Love To See – Invisible Woman

I remembered this costume well from my youth. See if you can tell why:

invisible woman slutty costume 1

It took me a bit to find some decent pics of what apparently is referred to by fanboys as Invisible Woman’s “Slut Uniform,” but find them I did.

I think the best part of the new costume’s (ahem) reveal is Reed’s totally blase take:

invisible woman slutty costume 2

It’s nice?! It’s NICE?! THE ROOF?!?! Reed, honey, step away from the computer.

Anyway, I dunno how feasible this would be to make, but someone needs to make this happen. PRONTO!

OK, one more shot just for old time’s sake:

invisible woman slutty costume 3

BTW, don’t miss Zebra Batman, Bug Catcher Spidey or Underwater Wonder Woman!

Awful Superhero Halloween Costumes I’d Love To See – Zebra Batman

Yep, Zebra Batman:

zebra batman


Batman and Robin encounter a magnetically-powered villain, the Zebra-Man. But a charge from the machine which gave Zebra-Man his powers turns Batman into a “Zebra-Batman” who repels all solid matter, and cannot regulate his powers.


Anyway, someone needs to make this costume for real!

While you’re at it, don’t miss Bug Catcher Spider-Man and Underwater Wonder Woman!

Awful Superhero Halloween Costumes I’d Love To See – Bug Catcher Spider-Man

This week’s awful costume I’d like to see made real is from a toy I used to have on a shelf in my office, Bug Catcher Spider-Man:

bug catcher spiderman

You know, if this was Insect Catcher Spider-Man, I’d be less concerned, but “bug” is so non-specific…

There’s all kinds of awesome details to this costume, so don’t miss checking out all my old pics. And, please, someone put this costume in production!

Awful Superhero Halloween Costumes I’d Love To See – Underwater Wonder Woman

What with all of the superhero flicks this past summer, there’s no shortage of comic book costumes for Halloween this year. But as omnipresent as they are, there’s still a few I’d like to see. I mean, heck if they made actual costumes from those DC Anime statuettes last year, maybe I got a chance!

So every Thursday this month I’m going to be suggesting some less inspired costumes of years past that I’d LOVE to see at my door asking for candy.

First up, Underwater Wonder Woman from the CBS series episode “The Bermuda Triangle Crisis”:

wonder woman water

Even all covered up, WW’s still got it.

Now, technically, unlike upcoming costumes, this is an actual real-life costume, but I want to see this mass-produced and for sale at my local Target!